Eva Helena Larsson portfolio

Selma Lagerlöf, ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Eva Helena LarssonSelma Lagerlöf, ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Selma Lagerlöf, one of 50 portraitillustrations for Punkt litteraturhistoria, Schoollitterature, Natur&Kultur.
Edgar Allan Poe, ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Eva Helena LarssonEdgar Allan Poe, ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Edgar Allan Poe, one of 50 portraitillustrations for Punkt litteraturhistoria, schoollitterature, Natur&Kultur.
Reading ABCEva Helena LarssonReading ABCReading ABC
Illustration for magasine Rött.Eva Helena LarssonIllustration for magasine Rött.Illustration for article about Röd Radio, podcast, in Vänsterpartiets paper Rött.
”Kafka”, for ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Eva Helena Larsson”Kafka”, for ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Kafka, one of 50 illustrationportraits for "Punkt litteraturhistoria", schoolliterature, Cecilia Düringer, Natur & Kultur.
Karin Boye, ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Eva Helena LarssonKarin Boye, ”Punkt litteraturhistoria”, Natur&Kultur.Karin Boye, one of 50 portraitillustrations for Punkt litteraturhistoria, school litterature, Natur&Kultur. 
Illustration for Umeå University.Eva Helena LarssonIllustration for Umeå University.Illustration for the communication of Umeå University, for instance vision and value of the university, both for print and digital use.
Umeå University, Lindellhallen.Eva Helena LarssonUmeå University, Lindellhallen.Illustration over the vision for Umeå University. Tapestry at Lindellhallen.
Bookcover, 2019Eva Helena LarssonBookcover, 2019Bookcover, CS Lumio. About a swedish woman, Hilda, who acted as an "angel maker" around 1914 and also about, especially, womens struggle at that time. Lumio publisher.  
Folded cardsEva Helena LarssonFolded cardsFolded cards, A6
Vintersalong Västerbottens museumEva Helena LarssonVintersalong Västerbottens museumMy contribution for Vintersalongen 2018, Västerbottens museum, Umeå. Graphite drawing and papercut.
BookcoverEva Helena LarssonBookcoverBookcover, Helmi Aho Berggård, Lumio publisher.
Illustration for the book "Med lastbil till himlen", Helmi Aho Berggård.Eva Helena LarssonIllustration for the book "Med lastbil till himlen", Helmi Aho Berggård.One of five illustrations for the book "Med lastbil till himlen", Helmi Aho Berggård.
Bookillustration.Eva Helena LarssonBookillustration.One of 12 illustrations for the book Sex and the Sápmi, written in nordsamiska by Anne Nymås.
BookcoverEva Helena LarssonBookcoverBook written in Swedish and Meänkieli.
Pattern, symbols of VästerbottenEva Helena LarssonPattern, symbols of VästerbottenPattern, symbols of Västerbotten, for cards, posters, fabrics etc
Illustration for the magasine Psoriasistidningen.Eva Helena LarssonIllustration for the magasine Psoriasistidningen.Article about the importance of exercise whe you have arthritis.
Poster with flowers.Eva Helena LarssonPoster with flowers.Poster with flowers.
Eva Helena Larsson

Eva Helena Larsson

My name is Eva Helena Larsson, I´m an illustrator working and living in the northen part of Sweden, in Umeå.