Helena Lindholm portfolio

Heaviest of bags -Greta ThunbergHelena LindholmHeaviest of bags -Greta ThunbergCaricature/portrait of Greta Thunberg. Political, social comment. 
Livedrawing/graphic recording for presentations, seminarsHelena LindholmLivedrawing/graphic recording for presentations, seminarsI visualize what the speakers talk about, there and then, and give all the participants an extra dimention!
shopping anxiety, visualization for Augur 2014Helena Lindholmshopping anxiety, visualization for Augur 2014Showing the anxiety and preassure of everyday shopping... not allways a pleasure.. For Augur, the Insight bureau 2014
Illustration on milk cartons for ARLA 2013 Helena LindholmIllustration on milk cartons for ARLA 2013 Illustration / Fun stuff for kids on the milk cartons in Sweden 2013 for ARLA.
Become supersmart, part 1/9Helena LindholmBecome supersmart, part 1/99 information movies will be published during fall 2018. www.blisupersmart.se For "Hem&Skola"
Product/packaging illustrationHelena LindholmProduct/packaging illustrationProduct/packaging illustration
Cloud LoungeHelena LindholmCloud LoungePublic area, design for client
Childrensbook KOKOTOPIAHelena LindholmChildrensbook KOKOTOPIAIllustration from the childrensbook KOKOTOPIA published by Fontini, Norway 2018.
Graphic Recording, live drawingHelena LindholmGraphic Recording, live drawingGraphic recording for Event Company/ event planner: München bryggeriet. Live drawing at Stockholm fair, on whiteboard, live during promotion. 
PostNord/IcaHelena LindholmPostNord/IcaEditorial for Icas magazine. Caricatures of people in the food industry. For ICA 2017.
Bathroom design 2019Helena LindholmBathroom design 2019Interior design  / Bathroom 2019.
Trump -Reality check- Helena LindholmTrump -Reality check- Trump, caricature, political comment. Illustrated in Procreate. 
Office superheroesHelena LindholmOffice superheroesLivedrawncaricatures from the Unions conference, 2011
Infomovie EricssonHelena LindholmInfomovie EricssonLivedrawn informationmovie for Ericsson 2012. watch the movie at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtcH_YglyV8&sns=fb or at my website.
Porträtt KampradHelena LindholmPorträtt KampradPortrait of Ingvar Kamprad, illustration for the magasine Veteranen 2007
China most polluted?Helena LindholmChina most polluted?Illustration for an exhibition held during the UN Climatemeeting, Copenhagen 2009
Pattern/Print H&MHelena LindholmPattern/Print H&MScullpattern made for H&M. Also used on clothes and umbrellas.
StoryboardHelena LindholmStoryboardStoryboardsketch for info movie
Helena Lindholm

Helena Lindholm

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Helena Lindholm, I take on lots of varied missions. Editorials, Livedrawings, caricatures, and graphic designs. Often with a touch of humour, and a twist. Customers; Tv4, Ericsson, H&M, Bonnier, Schibsted and many more. Welcome to contact me with any questions or suggestions!

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

When working with me I believe the client will feel quite safe about me never missing a deadline, and that they will get an illustration that have my own signaturestyle, that I think they will recognice. Also the client might appreciate that I am very flexible, and will easily ajust to new ideas and timeframes. No deadline is too near!

What does your work table tell us about you?

All the black markers, quick sketches on papers, books and foodcartons tells you I'm a fan of sketches, handdrawn illustrations, and I do always draw. A rubberboot for kids might tell you I've done graphic prints for clothings (H&M) and patterndesign, and matrushkas with politicians might tell you something about my interest for caricatures.