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 As an illustrator the contact with the client is very important to me. Regardless if the there’s allready a clear vision in the mind of the client or if I’m given completely free hands I find the collaboration to be very rewarding and I like the idea of us creating the illustration together.

I make highly detailed illustrations using different techniques by hand such as acrylics, watercolour, graphite/black lead, different kinds of Indian ink, ink and pastels. I do logotypes and signs using calligraphy and other types of lettering. I’ve made many pictorial maps that can be used for finding your way around and later for maybe decorating your home.

I´ve used procreate for adding things like text to a map when it’s needed in different languages for printing.

So far I have an ongoing collaboration with a chain of exiting shops in Edinburgh and Hong Kong called Museum Context. Other clients are Patriks Prylar, Lindas ekocafé, Söderpiren and Venezia in Halmstad amongst others. I recently made a map of Stockholm’s old town that is soon to be sold there.