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hedgehog readingHenning Cedmar Brandstedthedgehog readingA graphite drawing with digital color toning. Fairytales and fables are close to my heart. This one is from a personal project.
A page from a bestiaryHenning Cedmar BrandstedtA page from a bestiaryA garden gnome inspired by the world of Harry Potter.
A wandererHenning Cedmar BrandstedtA wandererPersonal work. Graphite drawing.
MonsterbookHenning Cedmar BrandstedtMonsterbookEvil book made to boost Neil Gaiman's quest to make Halloween a horror literature holiday All Hallow's Read. (Not commissioned)
The ten books about Olle-eight years old.Henning Cedmar BrandstedtThe ten books about Olle-eight years old.Written by Thomas Halling, published by Nypon förlag. We make four new Ollebooks per year. I'm busy making numer eleven and twelve. Visit my homepage to look inside!
Henning Cedmar BrandstedtCover illustrations for "Kamratposten", well renowned swedish magazine for kids.
Henning Cedmar BrandstedtCutouts of three illustrations done for the shoolbook Good Stuff Gold 2, teaching english for swedish kids in second grade. Liber Publishing. I love doing this kind of digital painting!
Archaeological illustrationHenning Cedmar BrandstedtArchaeological illustrationBronze casting at Pryssgården. One of many illustrations made for archaeologist Katarina Botwids thesis The Artisanal Perspective in Action: An Archaeology in Practice.
Ceramists handsHenning Cedmar BrandstedtCeramists handsIllustration for book on Swedish ceramics through history.
3 archaeological reconstructions of housesHenning Cedmar Brandstedt3 archaeological reconstructions of housesThe archaeologial reconstructions of houses at Pryssgården. Commissioned by Katarina Botwid for her thesis The Artisanal Perspective in Action : An Archaeology in Practice
Henning Cedmar BrandstedtChaos and Criteria. Pencil drawing. Selected of the exhibition jury Skaraborgssalongen 200
Henning Cedmar BrandstedtInspired by my new home town Lund and my love of H.P. Lovecraft's classic horror fiction. Painted with coloured inks
DragonhoardHenning Cedmar BrandstedtDragonhoardI love to make creatures come to life, just like this little beauty. Do you dare to steal one of her eggs?
Henning Cedmar BrandstedtHalloween mask to be cut out of the cover of the magazine Kamratposten
Illustrations for childrens magazineHenning Cedmar BrandstedtIllustrations for childrens magazineTwo of many Illustrations commisioned by the magazine Kamratposten over the years. These are from issues #10-2011 and #2-2010.
Henning Cedmar BrandstedtDesigns for the puppet theater Sesam's production Gasellpojken, The Gazelle Boy, digital painting
Henning Cedmar BrandstedtDid you know that the female seal transports its newly born on her back until the little one learns to swim by it self? I learned it from the two biologists I worked with illustrating a internet based biology database for The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences at the University of Gotheburg
The Käringsjön offering bogHenning Cedmar BrandstedtThe Käringsjön offering bogIllustration published in an article by archaeologist Katarina Botwid.
Henning Cedmar Brandstedt
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Henning Cedmar Brandstedt

Unfolded imagination, skillfully crafted and delivered on time. Long experience and prominent clientele. Enchanted pencils. Brimstone and bat nostrils costs extra. Fantasy, children’s books, archaeological illustrations & more. Welcome!