Henri Gylander portfolio

Armand Duplantis, page 39Henri GylanderArmand Duplantis, page 39From graphic novel Mot toppen: Armand Duplantis. Bokförlaget Hedvig 2020.
Armand Duplantis, page 59Henri GylanderArmand Duplantis, page 59From graphic novel Mot toppen: Armand Duplantis. Bokförlaget Hedvig 2020.
MermaidHenri GylanderMermaidMy version of the Gothenburg Book Fair logo. Part of the fair's fan art campagne 2018.
The BubbleHenri GylanderThe BubbleSatire, published in Dagens ETC 2015.
Outdoors dayHenri GylanderOutdoors dayIllustration for swedish children's magazine KP, 2018.
Comic about Gothenburg Comic StudioHenri GylanderComic about Gothenburg Comic StudioPublished i Bild & Bubbla in 2019.
Sister fightHenri GylanderSister fightIllustration for swedish children's magazine KP 2016.
Add for a new apartmentHenri GylanderAdd for a new apartmentWith this add I found a new apartment for my family in 2019. It also got a lot of attention in mainstream swedish media.
Rami and the WhaleHenri GylanderRami and the WhaleAlbum cover, 2016
IsaiasHenri GylanderIsaiasComic about a refugee called Isaias. Published in Gränslöst mod anthology 2017.
The Boy And the CloudHenri GylanderThe Boy And the CloudA comic based on finnish folk poetry/art. Published in Galago, 2013.
Swing TarturoHenri GylanderSwing TarturoWeb/poster illustration to the Gothenburg-based jazz band Swing Tarturo. www.swingtarturo.se
ApocalypticaHenri GylanderApocalypticaFrom children's comic album "Allan, bollen & cellon". Unpublished. 2017.
En helt ny människa, page 3Henri GylanderEn helt ny människa, page 3From the comic book "Livet före döden" (Kolik förlag), 2015. Drawn 2011.
BreakfastHenri GylanderBreakfastIllustration for KP, swedish children's magazine, 2015.
In the heart of Sweden, page 3Henri GylanderIn the heart of Sweden, page 3Published in the antology "I hjärtat av Malmö", 2014  
DawitHenri GylanderDawitPortrait of the imprisoned swedish journalist Dawit Isaak. A contribution to the campaign Tecknare för Dawit (Comic Artists for Dawit). Published in Dagens Nyheter, April 2013.
In the GardenHenri GylanderIn the GardenFrom the exhibition "Mumindalen", where six nordic comic artists have made a tribute to/interpretation of Tove Jansson's work. Produced by The Swedish Comic Association 2013.
Henri Gylander

Henri Gylander

I am a professional comic artist, also frequently freelancing as an illustrator. Since 2012 I have been collaborating with Kamratposten, Sweden's foremost magazine for children. My comics have over the years been published in several major newspapers i Sweden, and several magasines and anthologies. I have released the children's picture book "Leyla and Cocos, ensammast i världen" (Vombat förlag 2013) and the comic book "Livet före döden" (Kolik förlag 2015). I have also illustrated posters and websites. All kinds of tasks are welcome, however!