Henrik Lysén portfolio

LogoHenrik LysénLogoLogo for anual enviroment event
Koncept art for mobile gameHenrik LysénKoncept art for mobile gameKoncept art for mobile game. Spacefighter with ww2 attributes
Game konceptHenrik LysénGame konceptLoadscreen used in iphone/ipad game. Vector and pixel graphic
Images for WUNDER-BAUM productsHenrik LysénImages for WUNDER-BAUM productsWUNDER-BAUM changed their product wraping, Papagoja Creative made several images.
Diver 1Henrik LysénDiver 1Diver, illustration
Images for educational mobile game, Happsan ABHenrik LysénImages for educational mobile game, Happsan ABMathTub was a educational mobile game, with math i focus.
Illustrations for mobile kids-gameHenrik LysénIllustrations for mobile kids-gamePapagoja Creative made all visual content for the app-game Troublings. 
casette tape, WallpaperHenrik Lyséncasette tape, WallpaperVector image, made to work as a desktop wallpaper
Flip It, Happsan ABHenrik LysénFlip It, Happsan ABShow case for educational mobile game
Town, Personal work.Henrik LysénTown, Personal work.Front image for webpage
Childrens book, personal workHenrik LysénChildrens book, personal workimage for childrens book
Concept art for mobile game, Games WorkshopHenrik LysénConcept art for mobile game, Games WorkshopAn on going mobile game project.
Start image for wabpage, personal projectHenrik LysénStart image for wabpage, personal projectA start image for my own webpage, i always wanted to draw a whale..
Neon, Happsan ABHenrik LysénNeon, Happsan ABConcept image for retro mobile game. 
Koncept art for mobile game, Hihopia ABHenrik LysénKoncept art for mobile game, Hihopia ABkoncept art for mobile childrens game. Vectorgraphic
Concept image, childrens bookHenrik LysénConcept image, childrens bookimage for childrens book, christmas/winter theme
Koncept art for mobile gameHenrik LysénKoncept art for mobile gamePlayer design koncept art. Mobile game. Space theme
Game koncept, Happsan ABHenrik LysénGame koncept, Happsan ABConcept process of apperance for mobile game. The same game different themes
Henrik Lysén
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Henrik Lysén

My name is Henrik Lysén, i have a small one man studio – Papagoja Creative AB, doing illustrations, graphic design and koncept development. I'm working with several clients in different markets. But lately much of my time has been focused on the mobile industry. I realy like the creative process when a good idé is broght to life.