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Backyard Ultra NämforsenHenrik NestorBackyard Ultra NämforsenA backyard ultra is a form of ultra marathon where competitors aim to run as many laps of 6 706 meters (4.167 miles) as possible. The winners usually end up running for 24 hours in a row or more. When the organizers of Backyard Ultra Nämforsen asked me to draw a logotype for the event, I took the mission a bit further. Inspired by the vast nature of Näsåker and the great hydropower plant residing there, I drew a UPA-inspired mood picture to emphasize the unrealisticness of people actually committing to this. I am so deeply impressed.
NisseHenrik NestorNisseA simple, yet atmospheric Christmas greeting for advertising agency Effect. The original assignment was to create a little something for Effect's partners and customers on social media, so I wrote them a poem, put it in a snowy night sky, and drew a little nisse. As things turned out, though, Effect was so pleased with the greeting that they not only posted it on Facebook, but also had it printed in gigantic format on advertising pillars. The next day, people would queue in front of it. Don't think I've ever seen that before.
Stop the un-necessitiesHenrik NestorStop the un-necessitiesEnergikontor Sydost is an impartial non-profit company working to initiate, coordinate and implement projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and increased supply of renewable energy. As part of a project intended to decreasing energy consumption in local high schools, Energikontor Sydost asked me to illustrate their campaign materials. I chose a vibrant comic book style, borrowed colors from the UN Sustainable Development Goals and designed a logotype saying "Stoppa onödan" ("Stop the un-necessities").
ScallywagHenrik NestorScallywagScallywag is a board game made for digital distribution. All parts are printable, just download the pdf, print and start playing. In a paradisiacal, yet pirate-ish environment, the goal is to dig up, dive for, and steal the most valuable treasures before the city-island bank runs out of money. In order to do this, you need to build up your illegitimate navy with more sailors, greater ships and tons and tons of cannonballs.
When International Strategy Meets Local Institutions - cover illustrationHenrik NestorWhen International Strategy Meets Local Institutions - cover illustrationCover illustration for Ivar Padrón-Hernández doktorsavhandling When International Strategy Meets Local Institutions: Subsidiary Influence in the Context of Headquarter Initiatives, Stockholm school of Economics 2019.
ProfilgruppenHenrik NestorProfilgruppenInfographics for the Profilgruppen, to demonstrate how the profiling process works.
Wine growerHenrik NestorWine growerIllustration for a startup intending to sell wine online.
VilsebyHenrik NestorVilsebySample from the comic Vilseby.
ItclarifiesHenrik NestorItclarifiesIllustration aimed at explaining the digital service Itclarifies.
Annie – Dark HeartsHenrik NestorAnnie – Dark HeartsGeometric and hand-drawn typography for album Dark Hearts by artist Annie.
RexHenrik NestorRexConcept and title screen illustration for TV series Rex.
Old heartHenrik NestorOld heartIllustration for Södersjukhuset regarding how HIV affects the heart.
Henrik Nestor

Henrik Nestor

With a background in comics, graphic design and animation, I am at a point where drawing and design merge. I draw my own letters, build graphic elements and like to use painting brushes just as much as vectors.