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Poster for a consertHjördis DavidsonPoster for a consertPoster for the choir Solanum's consert at Palladium, Alingsås
theatre curtain, Palladium, AlingsåsHjördis Davidsontheatre curtain, Palladium, AlingsåsTheatre curtain (about 15 x 7 m) for Palladium, a theatre/cinema in Alingsås
honeylabelHjördis DavidsonhoneylabelHoneyjar label for The Ängabo Apiary, the Open-air Association of Alingsås
"The tiny library", box with five books + fingerpuppets, SIHHjördis Davidson"The tiny library", box with five books + fingerpuppets, SIHIllustraton from one of five books, each with an animal as main character, collected in a box "The tiny library" with finger puppets representing the figures. Pictures in black and white with hard contrast, specially conceived for multihandicapped children with weak eyesight in need to train their sight and focusing capacity. One page picture + one page easily read text per double page. The books were above all distributed to special schools and training centras.   
poster for a consertHjördis Davidsonposter for a consertPoster for the consert of the Solanum choir in Alingsås. The 1960-ties was the theme.
kick outHjördis Davidsonkick outPiebald horse kicking out
gallop – personal workHjördis Davidsongallop – personal workHorses are a favorite motive  – here's one exemple
personal workHjördis Davidsonpersonal workpersonal work
book cover Out of the DarknessHjördis Davidsonbook cover Out of the DarknessBook cocer for a collection of short stories by Swedish authors such as August Strindberg, Selma Lagerlöf, Gunnar Ekelöf, Kerstin Norborg and others. The texts are translated into Khmer and published in Cambodia by The Nou Hach Literary Association.
Barns rättHjördis DavidsonBarns rättBarns rätt enligt FN:s barnkonvention. En standard för barnperspektiv i mötet med barn och unga med funktionsnedsättning i Västra Götalandsregionen
cat – personal workHjördis Davidsoncat – personal workpersonal work
A Winter's Tale, Lindskog editorHjördis DavidsonA Winter's Tale, Lindskog editorPicture book, a story based on a performance by the Buratino Puppet Theatre, a Russian puppet theatre in Gothenburg. The performance itself is based on a traditional Russian folk tale about Father Frost and the new year.
cover – thesis, University of GothenburgHjördis Davidsoncover – thesis, University of GothenburgCover for a thesis about Spina Bifida for the Sahlgrenska Academy Hospital, the University of Gothenburg
without titleHjördis Davidsonwithout titlepersonal work  
record sleeve – Culture school, AlingsåsHjördis Davidsonrecord sleeve – Culture school, Alingsåsrecord sleeve for a singsong project of the music school of Alingsås, where the children have contributed with song texts
Hjördis Davidson
vårdhögskolan, BoråsHjördis Davidsonvårdhögskolan, BoråsIllustration about care of elderly for the university in Borås
Hjördis DavidsonDoryphore
Hjördis Davidson

Hjördis Davidson

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Hjördis Davidson illustrator and writer. Illustrating for children in different contexts. I'm also often responsible for text and graphic design, quite liking to take care of the entirety.