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Summer-Beer-label Hjördis ThelanderSummer-Beer-label Summer-beer-label for Koloriten 2010
Beach-beerHjördis ThelanderBeach-beerSummer-beer-label for Koloriten 2010
Thunder - BeerHjördis ThelanderThunder - BeerThunder beer. Sommer-beer-labels
Dance-Beer - KoloritenHjördis ThelanderDance-Beer - KoloritenSummer-beer-label 2010
beerHjördis ThelanderbeerSummer-beer-label for Koloriten 2010
Rainbow-BeerHjördis ThelanderRainbow-BeerSummer-beer-label for Koloriten 2010
Map for Backafallsbyn, Spirit of Ven, SwedenHjördis ThelanderMap for Backafallsbyn, Spirit of Ven, SwedenMap for Backafallsbyn, Spirit of Ven, Sweden
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Hjördis Thelander
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Hjördis Thelander

Pen is my favorite tool.
Simple lines flows out of the pen and gives form to an illustration in a book (mostly humous)
The pen also create natural looking sofisticated figures.