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Isabel Leal Bergstrand

Isabel Leal Bergstrand

I work as an freelance illustrator, artist and print designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I create work for print and digital media, but I also like doing big projects like murals and hand-made drawings, paintings and objects.

I work by hand with felt-pens and pencils and/or digital techniques. I often create the illustration in pieces, so I can change details easily and play around with the composition and colours.

I like smart sollutions and I want my illustrations to be interesting and sometimes funnny, easily understandable and meaningful, a conversation starter to make you think and dream.

I love drawing people and I´m inspired by fashion, bright colors, shapes and nature. When you are inspired nothing is impossible.

Some of my clients are MTWTFSS Weekday, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Expo, OTTAR, Type & Tell, Vasa Kronan, RFSL, RFSU, Kalles Kaviar, Connect Hotels, Yuc Mexican, BLOOC, Sanoma Education, River Island, Presskontakterna, Sure Baby Yes, Återvinn Sverige, UMNO Magazine, Young Art, North South Soup, Re:Publik Magazine, Naked Comms, & Språktidningen.