Isabel Leal Bergstrand portfolio

Audi Studios, window paintingIsabel Leal BergstrandAudi Studios, window paintingAlpine landscape window painting for Audi Studios at Hamngatan 17 in Stockholm.  
Tidskriften Expo, editorial illustrations, "Temporary disruption"Isabel Leal BergstrandTidskriften Expo, editorial illustrations, "Temporary disruption"Illustrations for Tidskriften Expo about how the Covid-19 pandemic (at its first peak in March 2020) affected the far- and alt-right movement.
Salong Sergel, printed mural, "Symbiosis"Isabel Leal BergstrandSalong Sergel, printed mural, "Symbiosis"Printed mural in big format for Salong Sergel (a project for På Sergels torg). På Sergels torg is a collaboration between Stockholms stad and property owners and more. The goal is to create a living and colourfull space with art and culture Symbiosis is about friendship, sisterhood and the love between two women. How the relationship between two people can create something greater than they both could imagine.
Bokförlaget Max Ström, book illustrations, "Swedish Heroines"Isabel Leal BergstrandBokförlaget Max Ström, book illustrations, "Swedish Heroines"Illustrations for the book Svenska Hjältinnor (Swedish heroines), published by Max Ström, 2019.  
Konstdax, mural, "Swimmers" Isabel Leal BergstrandKonstdax, mural, "Swimmers" Wall painting for Konstdax in Hökarängen, Stockholm. Konstdax is a wall painting project in Hökarängen led by artist Ossian Eckerman. The project lets different artist from Stockholm contributes with putting their art up on walls in Hökarängen to brighten up the area and make it more inviting. A living art wall that changes art every other month. I choose to make a summer time painting to give you the feeling of a day at a sunny and warm lagoon. To forget the everyday struggles for a moment and feel the warmth of the sun.
River Island, handpainted sneakers for eventIsabel Leal BergstrandRiver Island, handpainted sneakers for eventCustom designed patterns, typography and drawings on sneakers from the new collection for River Island. The sneakers were hand painted during a creative event to promote the collection for a selected group of people. In a collaboration with Presskontakterna.
Personal work, wrapping paperIsabel Leal BergstrandPersonal work, wrapping paperPattern for wrapping paper, personal project.
YUC Mexican, wallpaintingIsabel Leal BergstrandYUC Mexican, wallpaintingWallpainting/mural for the restaurant YUC Mexican at Odenplan, Stockholm.
Tidningen Expo, illustration, 2017Isabel Leal BergstrandTidningen Expo, illustration, 2017Illustrations for a text by Jennie K Larsson in issue #3 2017 of tidskriften Expo (Expo Magazine). About democracy, freedom of speech, censorship and how we cannot take our democratic system for granted.
Tidskriften Ottar, editorial illustrationIsabel Leal BergstrandTidskriften Ottar, editorial illustrationTwo illustrations for a chronicle by Padma Schrewelius about life and sexuality on the Swedish countryside. About being an outsider, a target. But also about safety and love for your community.
Personal work, bag-in-box, ANOTHER roséIsabel Leal BergstrandPersonal work, bag-in-box, ANOTHER roséDesign and illustration for a wine box for the imaginary wine brand ANOTHER rosé.
Sanoma utbildning, book illustrationsIsabel Leal BergstrandSanoma utbildning, book illustrationsFour illustrations for the school book "Awesome English", by Sanoma Utbildning. A story about how we are all connected across the globe in different ways.
Type&Tell/Bonnier, book coverIsabel Leal BergstrandType&Tell/Bonnier, book coverBook cover for Johan Cederholm´s book "Borderland". In collaboration with Type & Tell (via Bonniers) and Young Art.
Vasa Kronan & Art Made This, mural, "Concrete jungle"Isabel Leal BergstrandVasa Kronan & Art Made This, mural, "Concrete jungle"Wall painting/mural for Vasa Kronan in collaboration with ArtMadeThis. ArtMadeThis is an urban art project where promising female artists gets to put their mark on different building facades in Sweden's four largest cities. I wanted to move away from the grey parking house feeling that existed around the gate, to create something more organic, gowing and inviting. A fantasy about an adventure.
Personal work, "Jungle"Isabel Leal BergstrandPersonal work, "Jungle"Jungle lillustration, poster, personal project.
Tidskriften Ottar, editorial illustrationIsabel Leal BergstrandTidskriften Ottar, editorial illustrationIllustration for the essay "Isvita ideal" (Ice White Ideals) by Ylva Habel for OTTAR Magazine. About the ideals of whiteness and beauty standards in the children's movie "Frozen".
Type&Tell/Bonnier, book coverIsabel Leal BergstrandType&Tell/Bonnier, book coverBook cover for Ingerun Sjösvärd´s book "Kattguden" (The Cat God). In collaboration with Type & Tell (Bonnier) and Young Art.
Personal work, "Madeleines"Isabel Leal BergstrandPersonal work, "Madeleines"What sort of memories and experiences can be contained in an object? I have studied objects as vessels for memory. How you through objects are reminded of a person, an event or a particular story. Based on five Swedes who have come to the country as refugees, I have studied the objects they brought with them and created five illustrated interpretations of their memories of origin, family and identity. Madeleines is my graduation project from Beckmans College of Design. Shown at Beckmans Graduation Exhibition in May 2014. It consists of five stories printed on fabric, photo boxes, a sound installation and foldable posters.
Isabel Leal Bergstrand

Isabel Leal Bergstrand

I create illustrations, art and patterns for brands, companies, institutions, organisations and magazines, both for print and digital media. I also love to work with big scale murals/wall paintings. I work mostly by hand with markers and pencils and/or digital techniques. I like smart solutions and I want my illustrations to be interesting and sometimes funny, easily understandable and meaningful, a conversation starters to make you think and dream.

I love drawing people and I´m inspired by fashion, bright colors, shapes and nature.

Don't hesitate to contact me about commissions and collaborations.

Some of my clients are Bokförlaget Max Ström, Svensk Bokhandel, MTWTFSS Weekday, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Expo, OTTAR, Type & Tell, Vasa Kronan, RFSL, RFSU, Kalles Kaviar, Connect Hotels, Yuc Mexican, BLOOC, Sanoma Utbildning, River Island, Presskontakterna, Sure Baby Yes, Återvinn Sverige, UMNO Magazine, Young Art, North South Soup, Re:Publik Magazine, Naked Comms, & Språktidningen.