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Isabel Leal Bergstrand

Isabel Leal Bergstrand

I create illustrations, art and patterns for brands, companies, institutions, organisations and magazines, both for print and digital media. I also love to work with big scale murals/wall paintings. I work mostly by hand with markers and pencils and/or digital techniques. I like smart solutions and I want my illustrations to be interesting and sometimes funny, easily understandable and meaningful, a conversation starters to make you think and dream.

I love drawing people and I´m inspired by fashion, bright colors, shapes and nature.

Don't hesitate to contact me about commissions and collaborations.

Some of my clients are MTWTFSS Weekday, Bokförlaget Max Ström, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Expo, OTTAR, Type & Tell, Vasa Kronan, RFSL, RFSU, Kalles Kaviar, Connect Hotels, Yuc Mexican, BLOOC, Sanoma Education, River Island, Presskontakterna, Sure Baby Yes, Återvinn Sverige, UMNO Magazine, Young Art, North South Soup, Re:Publik Magazine, Naked Comms, & Språktidningen.