Isabelle Rönnquist portfolio

Book coverIsabelle RönnquistBook coverBook cover, childrens book 9-15 y.  
Moomin, Personal WorkIsabelle RönnquistMoomin, Personal WorkMoomin and the Lighthouse. Personal projekt, digital painting. 
Portrait, wedding Isabelle RönnquistPortrait, wedding Wedding portrait, digital.
Personal work, camping nightIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work, camping nightPersonal work, digital.
Rovdjurscentret De 5 Stora, wolfIsabelle RönnquistRovdjurscentret De 5 Stora, wolfOne of several illustrations for Rovdjurscentret De 5 Stora. Digital work.
Personal work Portrait GraphiteIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work Portrait GraphiteGraphite pencil drawing - Miriam Bryant
Personal work SummerIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work SummerDigital work on iPad.
Portrait graphiteIsabelle RönnquistPortrait graphiteCollaboration with Sunfab Hydraulics AB.
Personal work WatercolorIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work WatercolorWatercolor and fineliner
Collaboration Book illustrationsIsabelle RönnquistCollaboration Book illustrationsPappers Avdelning 15, 10 illustrations for ther jubilee book.
GreenhouseIsabelle RönnquistGreenhouse3 illustrations for the project - Business on equal terms. To promote entrepreneurship for immigrants/newly arrived people.
Berghs School of Communication - children´s bookIsabelle RönnquistBerghs School of Communication - children´s bookSchool project, digital
Tales of a factoryIsabelle RönnquistTales of a factoryAn illustration collaboration with the trade union Pappers Avdelning 15. Ten illustrations requested for their jubilee book.
Personal work Portrait WatercolorIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work Portrait WatercolorCornelis Vreeswijk - watercolor and fineliner
Personal work, DigitalIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work, DigitalGlada Hudik - my town
Personal work PortraitIsabelle RönnquistPersonal work PortraitIn memory of Lill-Babs - graphite pencil and charcoal
BreakfastIsabelle RönnquistBreakfast Berghs School of Communication
Mission Watercolor BirdsIsabelle RönnquistMission Watercolor BirdsWatercolor mission
Isabelle Rönnquist

Isabelle Rönnquist

Who are you?

Illustrator and artist based in Hälsingland. A mother of two children and loves to create. Of my 31 years, I have known in at least 26 of them that one day I will work as an artist or illustrator.  Despite that, I studied nature science in high school but do not regret it for a second.

What characterizes your art and illustration?


I create both analog and digital and like to vary different media. For the most part, it will be watercolor, pencil and digital. I have an eye for detail in my work and am inspired by people, animals and nature.

Former customers:

Sunfab Hydraulics AB, Rovdjurscentret De 5 Stota, Pappers Avdelning 15, Hudiksvalls Näringslivs AB, Hudiksvalls Smådjurklinik, among others.

Do you have a dream collaboration?

Yes. Many. One of them is to illustrate children´s books. Also packaging design and magazine illustrations.