Isak Gjertsen portfolio

KRÅKESØLV - Remeber Life Is ShortIsak GjertsenKRÅKESØLV - Remeber Life Is ShortCharcoal on paper and digital coloring / animation
JAZZ & FLY FISHING - Fall GlideIsak GjertsenJAZZ & FLY FISHING - Fall GlideExerpt from a musicvideo for the jazz quartet "Jazz & Fly Fishing". Recieved an honorable mention at The Norwegian Short Film Festival.
NRK NEWTON - StoneageIsak GjertsenNRK NEWTON - StoneageVector-based characters and digitallty painted backgrounds.
BreathingIsak GjertsenBreathingAnimation loop. License from web and TV available on request.
Isak Gjertsen

Isak Gjertsen

Animator and Technical Director specializing in characterdriven cut-out-animation in Adobe After Effects.

Creates own styles or develop existing designs (from other artists) into animated form for all media platforms.

Produces animated projects or work as a team-member on specialized tasks (rigging, animation or compositing).