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Syndikalisten, editorial illustration: Conflict continues in Gothenburg HarbourIso LindhSyndikalisten, editorial illustration: Conflict continues in Gothenburg HarbourAfter strikes and lockouts in the Gothenburg harbour, the Dock Workers' Union could finally make a colletive bargain with the employer. However, the employer already had already made a bargain with another union, and is now cutting the Dock Worker's Union out of negotiations. A court case may decide if both collective bargains are valid, or if it's up to employers to cherry-pick which union and agreements will represent workers.
Arbetaren: Most read articles of 2020Iso LindhArbetaren: Most read articles of 2020Stories from the Ucranian baby factory, news of anti-union espionage, and conservative writers still strugglig to grasp how to use Google. At the end of the year, newspaper Arbeteran collected their most read articles 2020.
Arbetaren, editorial illustration: Frances TuuloskorpiIso LindhArbetaren, editorial illustration: Frances Tuuloskorpi"We need to get started where we are at, not where we'd like to be". Renowned workers rights activist Frances Tuuloskorpi in an interview on organizing at workplaces.
CBA, comic: Rat KingIso LindhCBA, comic: Rat KingPage one of two in a story about executive disablity and burnout, made for C'est Bon Anthology. My aim was to draw a story that tells as well as shows how executive disablity may affect how a person parses information.
Det Grymma Svärdet, Maria Kempe, illustration: Jobs I wouldn't mind having, top 5Iso LindhDet Grymma Svärdet, Maria Kempe, illustration: Jobs I wouldn't mind having, top 5What's better - slow pharmacist, cat doctor or author in France? Illustreted title for Maria Kempe's text in underground anthology Det Grymma Svärdet.
Arbetaren, editorial illustration: Iceland cuts down on the work weekIso LindhArbetaren, editorial illustration: Iceland cuts down on the work weekIs it possible to shorten the work week with no pay cuts, increase workers' health and maintain full productivity? Iceland has concluded the world's largest trial on the effects of reducing full time work week to 35 to 37.5 hours. The results: "a total success". Lovely to get to illustrate some good news!
Arbetaren: Don't miss out!Iso LindhArbetaren: Don't miss out!When a newspaper that has been printed for 96 years switches to publishing on the web, readers might need some encouragement making the leap reading the newspaper online. This comic was used in the monthly magazine and on social media platsforms.
Syndikalisten, editorial illustration: a course in social mediaIso LindhSyndikalisten, editorial illustration: a course in social mediaSwedish union SAC Syndikalisterna is often offering courses to its' members, in this case on how social media can be used to inform about labour rights and union issues. With this illustration i broke my record in speed from idea to finished original!
RFSL Ungdom, illustrationIso LindhRFSL Ungdom, illustrationThis color-in poster was created for Swedish NGO RFSL Ungdom, for a project aimed to lgbtq teenagers, encouraging them share their rage, their love and their methods for self care. Commissioned 2018.
Comic: The StoreIso LindhComic: The StoreStockholm advertising agency The Store wanted to give their clients a summer greeting in the form of a plant growing kit. I was brought in to write and illustrate this booklet of comics with "Grow it yourself" tips. Commissioned in 2018.
Packaging, school project: Bristol BitesIso LindhPackaging, school project: Bristol BitesThe brief for this solo school project was to create a packaging design that encourages children to choose healthier foods. The cartonboard construction is made to be easily produced, with an interactive design that invites users to play. Completed 2017.
Packaging: Hallondalens honungIso LindhPackaging: Hallondalens honungA local beekeeping couple were in need of logo and labels for their honey jars, but out of cash for stickers from a professional printer. With this black/white design, one sheet of adhesive print-at-home A4 makes for 14 labels plus seals. That's a sweet deal! Commissioned 2018.
Iso Lindh

Iso Lindh

A print nerd with a DIY background and a deep affection for efficient solutions. Teaches comics at ABF and Basis in Stockholm.

Studied Packaging design at Nackademin (2016-2018) and Comic storytelling and Art at Kvarnby Folkhögskola (2010-2011).