Ivar Bigestans portfolio

Personal work, "Pine tree"Ivar BigestansPersonal work, "Pine tree"Nature study in Spain.
Album cover artIvar BigestansAlbum cover artAlbum cover art for physical and digital distribution.
Gray wagtailIvar BigestansGray wagtailA gray wagtail for a poster.
Pine treeIvar BigestansPine treeA pine tree for a poster.
Collage, private projektIvar BigestansCollage, private projektDigital collage, private projekt.
Birch forestIvar BigestansBirch forestInk drawing colored in Photoshop.
Watercolor exericiseIvar BigestansWatercolor exericiseNever stop practicing.
Informative illustrationIvar BigestansInformative illustrationIT and tech. Illustration for information material for SKL.
Trucks for animation (Volvo Trucks)Ivar BigestansTrucks for animation (Volvo Trucks)I illustrated trucks and backgrounds for an animation for Volvo Trucks. Can be viewed here: http://goo.gl/4GWw7t
Backdrop (Linnea Henriksson)Ivar BigestansBackdrop (Linnea Henriksson)Backdrop 1 of 2 for pop artist Linnea Henrikssons autumn tour 2012.
Backdrop (Linnea Henriksson)Ivar BigestansBackdrop (Linnea Henriksson)Backdrop 2 of 2 for pop artist Linnea Henrikssons autumn tour 2012.
Merch (Linnea Henriksson)Ivar BigestansMerch (Linnea Henriksson)Textile prints for t-shirts and bags. Merch for pop artist Linnea Henriksson.
Ivar BigestansOwn project in ink
Equipment, Tetra PakIvar BigestansEquipment, Tetra PakEquipment. Illustration for catalogue for Tetra Pak. Ink and water colors.
Editorial illustration, SvDIvar BigestansEditorial illustration, SvDWine glasses. Illustration published in S.M.A.R.T. Magazine, supplement in Svenska Dagbladet. Ink and water colors.
Tshirt StoreIvar BigestansTshirt StoreBird Fish. T-shirt illustration for Tshirt Store.
Album cover artIvar BigestansAlbum cover artCome On Like Gangbusters. Cover artwork for band Come On Like Gangbusters. Ink and water colors.
Album cover artIvar BigestansAlbum cover artGraphic design and cover art for the band Astromike Gordon.
Ivar Bigestans
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Ivar Bigestans

I've been working with illustration and graphic design in various contexts since I took my bachelor's degree in product design back in 2007. I am often inspired by nature and I enjoy, among other things, to illustrate plants and animals. I have made illustrations for Volvo Trucks, Tetra Pak and SKL (the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), and others.

I often work with Indian ink and watercolor, but also I enjoy working in a digital format. I have extensive experience in layout and prepress and deliver files in appropriate format and with correct colors.