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Cats vs. ProgressJacob StålhammarCats vs. ProgressStill from my animated short film Cats vs. Progress. Nordic/national premierere Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2020, Internationell/USA premiere 2021 New York International Children's Film Festival. Story: All of history, from sabretooth tiger to the Internet and the future - told in 4 minutes from the cat's point of view. 
Cranial nervesJacob StålhammarCranial nervesVector illustration of cranial nerves for medical studies
ACCONEER sample (2016)Jacob StålhammarACCONEER sample (2016)Sample from commercial for ACCONEER radar modules. Client Rak Vision / Nils Reimers. Script, speaker, japanese translations were delivered. I did storyboard, characters, animation, music, extra sound.
I'm soon done... (for corporate powerpoint)Jacob StålhammarI'm soon done... (for corporate powerpoint)Illustration for power point presentation on archival services
News, now - then (newspaper illustration)Jacob StålhammarNews, now - then (newspaper illustration)Newpaper illustration, about different types of newspapers/journalism.
The Courtship of HousefliesJacob StålhammarThe Courtship of HousefliesAnimated short with all sound from old (1940-50s) informational films.  Parental advice on the budding lovelife of teenagers illustrated by houseflies.
The Memory Clinic (hospital use)Jacob StålhammarThe Memory Clinic (hospital use)Examinations at a hospital (memory clinic). Enables visual communication at a hospital, aimed at e.g. situations of problems with language and memory.
Probability conceptsJacob StålhammarProbability conceptsIllustration of basic probability concepts for my doctoral disseration: "Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions" https://gupea.ub.gu.se/handle/2077/59540
Cognition and networks - medical illustrationJacob StålhammarCognition and networks - medical illustrationIllustration for doctoral thesis:  "Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions": https://gupea.ub.gu.se/handle/2077/59540.   Graph theory illustrates how a networks vulnerability changes depending on age and insult.
Jill and Jane Kill Hitler (2015)Jacob StålhammarJill and Jane Kill Hitler (2015)Animated science fiction short. Premiere at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2015. Jill and Jane demonstrate their time machine to an eager crowd... and do what the crowd asks them... 
A Bat in ParisJacob StålhammarA Bat in ParisIndependent animation children's short. Premiered at Gotethenburg Film Festival 2012. 
"The Dinner Party"Jacob Stålhammar"The Dinner Party"From my latest animated short - "The Dinner Party" - which opened at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2017-01-28. Shown at GBG filmfestival, Athens Animfest, Animation Block Party NYC, Fredrikstad Animation Festival Norge, New York International Children's Film Festival NYC. Distribution: Filmcentrum/ Folkets Bio (contact me for international rights): https://filmcentrum.se/film?uuid=60955003-a569-4e1d-8135-14f782b29a74
The Cats of Mars Meet the Toy CarJacob StålhammarThe Cats of Mars Meet the Toy CarMy animated short, The Cats of Mars Meet the Toy Car. Trailer: http://catsofmars.com Distribution: Filmcentrum/Folkets bio: https://filmcentrum.se/film?uuid=c9797d85-2cd8-4712-a314-5d547eeb60ce
A collection of charactersJacob StålhammarA collection of charactersCharacters from my animated films
Zogaj Memo Gym - appJacob StålhammarZogaj Memo Gym - appIllustration and user interface for Memory training app. Zogaj Memo Gym, iTunes /Appstore: http://tinyurl.com/pcvwcjp
Jacob StålhammarNew York, tired guy rubbernecks after lunch
Jacob Stålhammar
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Jacob Stålhammar

I’ve illustrated for newspapers, magazines, education, animated informative/commercial shorts (2D).
I compose and do film sound (composition / dialog / foley / sound effects ) . I also have a PhD in medicine (Psychology).
I’ve also made animated independent short films.