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Mr Octopus drivingJakob EkstedtMr Octopus drivingMr Octopus driving
Party with friendsJakob EkstedtParty with friendsParty with friends
Cigarettes and coffeJakob EkstedtCigarettes and coffeIllustration
GrandpaJakob EkstedtGrandpaportrait of my grandfather
Illustration: RocketJakob EkstedtIllustration: RocketIllustration: Rocket
Illustration: Hotel with poolJakob EkstedtIllustration: Hotel with poolIllustration: Hotel with pool
PortraitJakob EkstedtPortraitPortrait of a friend
comic: teethJakob Ekstedtcomic: teethpicture from a short comic about the death of a aquariumfish
Illustration: Feeling upside downJakob EkstedtIllustration: Feeling upside downIllustration: Feeling upside down
YetiJakob EkstedtYetiYeti
Illustration: WitchcraftJakob EkstedtIllustration: WitchcraftIllustration: Witchcraft
Personal project: DizzyJakob EkstedtPersonal project: DizzyPoster
Comic: Apenight!Jakob EkstedtComic: Apenight!Comic
Old lady watching televisionJakob EkstedtOld lady watching televisionOld lady watching television
Characters for roleplaying game Askhem anno 1713 Jakob EkstedtCharacters for roleplaying game Askhem anno 1713 Characters for roleplaying game Askhem anno 1713 
Storyboard "Junkyardguy" 2015Jakob EkstedtStoryboard "Junkyardguy" 2015Storyboard art for Gothenburg dystopia movie
Island barJakob EkstedtIsland barIsland bar. Modeled in Revit. Rendered in Twin motion
3D-model of Bertil enstörings husJakob Ekstedt3D-model of Bertil enstörings hus3D-model of Bertil enstörings hus. Modeled in Revit. Rendered in Revit with v-ray
Jakob Ekstedt

Jakob Ekstedt

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