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Jalmar Staaf

Jalmar Staaf

What’s your name and tell us a little about your work

My name is Jalmar Staaf and I work with illustration, graphic design, storytelling and animation. I’ve studied at Konstfack, Stockholm (MFA and BFA  in Graphic Design), and HDK, Gothenburg (Creating Illustrated Children’s Books, and Visual Narrative). I work in particular with expression and mobility. Fast sketching to capture a movement or a condition, and then I process the picture further, digitally or by hand. The pictures can be adapted for editorial, commercial and literary projects.


What part of the creative process do you like most?

I like to work in a fast, floating way, with graphite, crayons and ink. Especially enjoy when I feel I’ve captured what I was searching for, down to the sheet in front of me. And I like when an idea pop up when I least expect it, perhaps while I’m taking a walk or running.


How do you think your working process has evolved by time?

I’ve been more interested in various types of pictures, art and illustration, and it has helped me to widen my view, and to keep doors open for new ideas and expressions. Killed old darlings and work in a more exploring and analyzing way.