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Janette BornmarkerArticle on new media, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling (Swedish Property)
Janette BornmarkerArticle about going away
Janette BornmarkerChildren's Book Illustrations, Olika Förlag/Vilda Verktyg
Janette BornmarkerArticle "Sing out!", Tidningen Hälsa (a Swedish health magazine)
Janette BornmarkerAbout eating the right fat
Janette BornmarkerAbout drinking habits, Stockholm County Council
Janette BornmarkerA selection of illustrations for information material, Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish employment service)
PlayJanette BornmarkerPlayTextbook, Oxford University Press.
Janette BornmarkerArticle about comfort shopping, Tidningen Hälsa (a Swedish health magazine)
Janette BornmarkerStory images
Janette BornmarkerFree picture on the theme of "Strings", Illustration Friday Community
Janette BornmarkerTidningen Hälsa (a Swedish health magazine)
Janette BornmarkerM Magazine
Janette BornmarkerArticle about the advantages and disadvantages of a diagnosis, Tidningen Förskolan ( magazine for pre-school staff)
Janette BornmarkerNewspaper ad on incontinence, Health Care Guide/SLL
Janette BornmarkerArticle about the clash of cultures, Tidningen Förskolan ( magazine for pre-school staff)
Janette Bornmarker
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Janette Bornmarker


I work in illustration and graphic design with commissions for magazines, publishers and advertising agencies. My style is often described as positive and playful. Sometimes even with a retro flair. I love working in black lines giving that ink-flowing impression to the illustration and a distinct identity. I'm a previous member of the board of Illustratörcentrum and have also had the honor of judging the picture book show for 3×3 International Illustration Annual 2015.

Selected clients: Microsoft, Assa Abloy, Pfizer, Oxford University Press, Stockholm County Council, Liber, Lärarförbundet, Olika Förlag, UR and Clowner utan gränser.