Janne Englund portfolio

The Swedish Tenant Union, Illustration in newspaper "Cabel-TV".Janne EnglundThe Swedish Tenant Union, Illustration in newspaper "Cabel-TV".Illustration for article about cable TV.
LogoJanne EnglundLogoLogo for The Swedish Tenants Association. The tenants bus is a bus that travels around the residential areas in the summer and activate youths.
Gavle Community, cover for bus schedule "Red Line".Janne EnglundGavle Community, cover for bus schedule "Red Line".Illustration for Bus schedule and business year's report.
Personal work. "Crashed UFO".Janne EnglundPersonal work. "Crashed UFO".Fantasy painting acrylic.
Personal project. "Jay Bird".Janne EnglundPersonal project. "Jay Bird".Illustration made as postcard. Ink and aquarelle.
Personal work. "One Bear, Please".Janne EnglundPersonal work. "One Bear, Please".Humor Illustration made as postcard. Ink and aquarelle.
The Swedish Tenant Union, comicstrip "Calm Street".Janne EnglundThe Swedish Tenant Union, comicstrip "Calm Street".Comics "Calm Street" published in The Swedish Union of Tenant's Journal "Husbocken" (Old House Borer).
Illustration, "Mouse och cat".Janne EnglundIllustration, "Mouse och cat".Illustration for the newspaper "Andersbergs bladet". The Local Tenant association in Andersberg, Gavle.
Illustration, "Course with Kurt"Janne EnglundIllustration, "Course with Kurt"Illustration for Information Brochure about Environment. Did many drawings to this course project. The Swedish Tenant Association.
CoverJanne EnglundCoverCover, EP, to the Gavle group Grenzfall.
"Respect".Janne Englund"Respect".caricature of Zlatan.
Janne Englund
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Janne Englund

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Janne Englund. I'm an illustrator and artist. My work is in styles of fantasy, illusion, nature and humor.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I have also done comics, murals, and worked with marbling and (wood) graining for instance furniture.