Jeanette Engqvist portfolio

Treatment of soarsJeanette EngqvistTreatment of soarsIllustrations in a customer magazine for the Cura Pharmacy
Digital health applicationsJeanette EngqvistDigital health applicationsIllustrations for an article about electronical health applications and -devices for the magazine Vårdfokus.
Stress and painJeanette EngqvistStress and painIllustrations for articles in the magazine Kommunalarbetaren.
Neurology monitoring - the Norwegian Medical Association's magazineJeanette EngqvistNeurology monitoring - the Norwegian Medical Association's magazineIllustration for a series of articles about neurophysiology for the Norwegian Medical Association.
Cleaning of sewage pipes (JiMa)Jeanette EngqvistCleaning of sewage pipes (JiMa)Illustration of cleaning of sewage pipes for potentional customers (JiMa)
Psycopharmaca depressedJeanette EngqvistPsycopharmaca depressedIllustration for the book "Akutsjukvård", Sanoma Utbildning
IBS intestinal painJeanette EngqvistIBS intestinal painIllustrations for different kinds of intestinal illnesses and their symptomes for Cura pharmacy.
The systems of the bodyJeanette EngqvistThe systems of the bodyIllustrations for the educational book "Omvärldskunskap 1", Natur & kultur
Surgery herniaJeanette EngqvistSurgery herniaIllustration for an educational book "Akut buk", Studentlitteratur AB
First aidJeanette EngqvistFirst aidIllustration for the book "Akutsjukvård", Sanoma Utbildning
Tonsil surgeryJeanette EngqvistTonsil surgeryIllustration for the story on the website about Elias and Moa who have operated on the tonsils
Icons for vitamin guide, Cura phamacyJeanette EngqvistIcons for vitamin guide, Cura phamacyIllustration for the vitamin guide for Cura pharmacy's customers magazine.
Neurology monitoring 2 – the Norwegian Medical Association's magazineJeanette EngqvistNeurology monitoring 2 – the Norwegian Medical Association's magazineIllustrations for a series of articles about neurophysiology for the Norwegian Medical Association.
Stroke anatomyJeanette EngqvistStroke anatomyArticle about stroke for the magazine "Salvia" in Kalmar
TissuesJeanette EngqvistTissuesAssorted illustrations made for different books for Studentlitteratur AB och Gyldendal Akademiske forlag, Oslo
Children - illness och injuryJeanette EngqvistChildren - illness och injuryIllustration for booklet for parents about how to take care of children that are ill or injured.
OvulationJeanette EngqvistOvulationIllustration of a woman's ovulation for the book Gynokologi for Studentlitteratur.
Hygiene of mouth and teethJeanette EngqvistHygiene of mouth and teethIllustrations for educational books for students in nursing (Gyldendal/Oslo and Liber)
Jeanette Engqvist
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Jeanette Engqvist

How would you briefly describe what you do?

Medical illustrations is my special field of work. My second passion is my work as art director for two periodic journals – a kids magazine and a womens magazine – in which both illustrations, design and the work with photographic images is included.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I'm fast, thorough and exact. Long experience and extensive knowledge of the whole process from idea to printed material. I have studied anatomy and medicine at the University of Örebro. I am used to run big projects and know that clear communication with my customers is extremely important to get the best possible end result.

What’s your idea of the perfect job project?

Many of the jobs I have is already my dream assignment, but of course there are other things that would also be fun :). Illustration assignments that would combine my medical knowledge with my intercultural experience from seven years as an aid worker in Central Asia. Assignments for e.g. Save the Children, WHO, SIDA or smaller even locally based aid organisations would be close to my heart. I also like to play and experiment in the interface between medicine and art.