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’’When you can´t remember what you want to remember’’Jeanette Milde’’When you can´t remember what you want to remember’’From the information book ’’When you can´t remember what you want to remember’’. It´s about dementia. 
’’The giraffe called Staffan’’Jeanette Milde’’The giraffe called Staffan’’From the book ’’The giraffe called Staffan’’ by Sören Olsson, Anders Jacobsson and me.
From the antology Only for you at primary school.Jeanette MildeFrom the antology Only for you at primary school.I made the coverillustration and illustrated the texts of Mårten Melin in this antologi.
’’The blooming dress’’Jeanette Milde’’The blooming dress’’A poster I´m selling which showing girlpower, proudness and beauty.
’’Only for you at Primary school’’Jeanette Milde’’Only for you at Primary school’’The coverillustration to the antologi Only for you at Primary school.
’’Job training’’Jeanette Milde’’Job training’’This picture includes in a blogproject about Gudrun Grå, created by me and Grethe Rottböll.
’’Kiss’’Jeanette Milde’’Kiss’’From the book Best on horses made of Pernilla Gesén and me. 
’’The french horn’’Jeanette Milde’’The french horn’’Head in a design program.
’’The birdfeeder’’Jeanette Milde’’The birdfeeder’’Own project.
’’The exquisite cookie’’Jeanette Milde’’The exquisite cookie’’Own project.
’’Coffee in peace’’Jeanette Milde’’Coffee in peace’’Cover, booklet, Naturskyddsföreningen.
Habilitation, Stockholms läns landsting.Jeanette MildeHabilitation, Stockholms läns landsting.From the book Undra and the helperhand. A book about how and why you should practise your hand even thou it has a cp-damaged.
’’Dance in rain or bath in sun?’’Jeanette Milde’’Dance in rain or bath in sun?’’This piece was part of the giant advent calendar in the Town Hall, Örebro.
’’The world of Undra’’Jeanette Milde’’The world of Undra’’Folder showing the world of Undra made for the habilitation. The picture is also the appentrance made for the habilatation.
From the book Straight in to the top cornerJeanette MildeFrom the book Straight in to the top corner From the book Straight in to the top corner. The second book in the serie Friends books.
’’Pee a lot’’Jeanette Milde’’Pee a lot’’One of many illustrations showing symtom to the Swedish Diabetes Association.
From Best on horses.Jeanette MildeFrom Best on horses.From the book Best on horses of me and Pernilla Gesén. The third book in the serie Friend books.
Jeanette Milde
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As mostly of my books comes from my life I want the children to find stories from there. I tell them about myself and how I got some ideas. Give them simple writing tips. As I´m also an illustrator I show what the picture add. A funny moment is when I draw first and they draw after without knowing what they are drawing.

Jeanette Milde

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Jeanette Milde. I´m an illustrator and author of Children´s Books. I also illustrate for magazines, websites and companies. One client is Arla foods, which is a big milk company in Sweden. I mostly draw and write for the milkpackage. I love this job because I get to meet farmers and cows. I do know quite a lot about cows and farming. I guess I was a farmer in my past life.

Have you received any awards or prizes?

2002 I received the Elsa Beskowplaqueté for the book När jag mötte Carl-Einar (When I met Carl-Einar) which I have written and illustrate. 2004 me and Grethe Rottböll won, with the book HITTEBOKEN (How to find things), the swedish part in the nordic competition for children´s books. The bookcompany Rabén & Sjögren was one of the holder of the competition.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I´m creative with lots of idéas, good listener and have a sense of humour. If you have a heavy or sensitive subject – I can light it up with easygoing drawings. For example I´ve done drawings regarding senility and impotence. Then it´s importante to use humour without step on anyones feet.