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Jenny Almén


Jenny Almén is an illustrator, work and live in Stockholm, Sweden.

In daytime she draw as much as she can. So she can spend the evening with her family,  her husband Mattias, Frans 11 years old and Knut 8 years old.

She love line drawing and combine them often with collage.

Jenny draw roughly and unpretentiously, just let the pen go and see what comes out.

She can also do the merely decorative, clear images.

But best of all is that she can also draw

really clear and realistic images just to say before.

Her specialty is, however, sensitive relationship images

because she has a great ability to put themselves in the

other people's lives.


One project that brought her a lot of attention are her illustrated cushions which have appeared frequently in international interior design magazines and in publications such as Elle Interior, Family Living, Sköna Hem and Trädgårdsliv. She have also exhibited them and her art at Galleri Kocks, tjallamalla, Boo trädgård, Galleri100+, Urban Outfitters, Hotel Reisen and Manos. 


Clients: Gadd, Malcolm Grace, Vimmel, Förenade Liv, Meny, Spumnate, Travel Media, Solo magazine, Vitalt Vetande, Karolinska Trial Alliance, DOS family, Spoon, Nike, SEB, SSE Today, Stadsmissionen, Hjälpmedelesinstitutet, Book, Ceft and Combany New York, OTW Communication AB, Familjen Pangea, Hermods, Bonnier, Golf Digest, Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting, Myndigheten för Delaktighet, Stockholms Universitet, Karolinska Institutet, Landstinget, ThingsWeLike, Hagensgård Agenturer and Manos.