Jenny Hargne portfolio

Inboxed wanting outJenny HargneInboxed wanting outAbout how boxes can help you draw the right perspektive. But sometimes you don´t want to stay in the box.
SelfportraitJenny HargneSelfportraitThe creative process. Ideas, inspiration, selfdoubt.
Introducing podcast about childrens booksJenny HargneIntroducing podcast about childrens booksSometimes the creative process gives you surprises
Podcast about childrens booksJenny HargnePodcast about childrens booksIntroducing a podcast about childrens books. 
Pregnancy app, NovaJenny HargnePregnancy app, NovaIllustrations for pregnancyapp for Iphone and Android.
Winning architectureJenny HargneWinning architectureIllustration about KTH and winning arcitechts
Jenny HargneTo the magazine Betong
Jenny HargneArticle about optic broadband
Jenny HargneAbout where to live. In cities or rural. Where to build more? For Peab
Jenny HargneThe process of buildning new houses. For Peab
Jenny HargneDigitally transferred recipes
Jenny HargneFor childrensbooksmanuscript and exhibition
Jenny HargneDigital systems for flightcontrol
Jenny HargneAbout choosing colour for your house
Jenny HargnePros and cons about using ratpoison
Jenny HargneCoffeebreak
Jenny HargneAbout repainting school environment
Jenny Hargne

Jenny Hargne

My name is Jenny. I work both by hand and digitally and love the phase of uncertainess where you flow, still somehow certain that the illustration will eventually land and be complete.