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ATEA, Portrait, 2016Jenny SoepATEA, Portrait, 2016Client: IT Company ATEA Job: Porträtt av Moa Hjelmer beställt som tackgåva till friidrottare sponsrade av ATEA. Portrait of athlete Moa Hjelmer commissioned as a thank you gift by ATEA who sponsored her.  From a series of 6 portraits that also included other ATEA sponsored athletes Emma Green, Johan Wissman, Jessica Samuelsson, Mustafa Mohamed and coach Yannick Tregaro. Date: November 2016 Material: Watercolour/Pencil
ATEA, Live Drawing, 2018Jenny SoepATEA, Live Drawing, 2018  Live drawings av the main speaker Bob Mitchel for ATEA's 'Sustainability Report Launch' in January 2018.  This was the last of 18 digital drawings made live on iPad under 2 and a half hours.  The drawing was used as a portrait and souvenir art print as a gift to Bob Mitchell.  Commissioned by ATEA. 
Unicef, Illustrations, 2017Jenny SoepUnicef, Illustrations, 2017Nominated to Publishing Priset (The Publishing Prize) 2018 "Why isn't violence against children taken more seriously? There are still gaps in Swedish legislation regarding children exposed to violence. " - UNICEF Sweden Creative director & animation: Charlotte Rodenstedt/Bloody Honey - Producer: Emma Lidström Illustration: Jenny Soep Sound: Andrew Wilkie
Jenny Soep

Jenny Soep

I am a visual artist who specialises in drawing live events in public, intimate and educational situations. I have drawn for the likes of Polar Music Prize, Chemikal Underground, Crossing Borders Festival, ATEA, SKAP, Svensk Musikvår, Södra Teatern, Unicef, Sound of Stockholm, The Comics Library, The Government Library, Add Gender, Solar Bear, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Lund’s and Linköping’s Universities.

I draw on paper or digitally, which can be simultaneously projected as an added ‘special effect’ for a live event, as well as performing drawings often with musicians and other types of performer.

The topics and clients I work with aim to promote creativity, equal rights, help the environment and society. I have extensive experience in live drawing concerts as well as theater, poetry, circus, dance, weddings, parties, cultural debates, panel talks, daily life in a kindergarten, workshops, conferences and even the World Porridge Making Championships in Scotland! I can make exhibitions, workshops and souvenir art-prints as part of my services.

Essentially, my digital tools are various iPad apps, Photoshop, A3 scanners, live-streaming, various social-media platforms, and then of course paper and pencils 🙂