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Paint with coffee and tea

A workshop inspired by the picture books Kompisen i hissen and Vara med, painted with coffee and tea. We make our own coffee and tea and explore these mediums. The participants get to know different techniques that utilizes the properties of coffe and tea to make patterns and pictures.

Illustrator for a day

Get to know how to work with pictures in books. We begin with a discussion about what pictures can tell. I then show how I work, from a first sketch to a final illustration. The participants get concrete tips about what to think about regarding composition, colouring and the interplay between text and pictures. Finally they get to illustrate a short text.

From an idea to a finished book

A workshop with me and the author Minette Lidberg. With starting point from one of our books, we tell about the process from a first idea to a finished book. What is an author? How do you start? What is an illustrator? What can the pictures tell? How do you make a book cover? We perform simple writing exercises and illustrate our texts.

Creative School, Workshop

Jesper Jenemark

I like the hand made look, and therefore work in traditional techniques as graphite, water colour and ink. Moreover I almost always use coffee and tea in my illustrations. I scan my pictures and make necessary adjustments in 
Photoshop to deliver digital images.

I have made book covers and illustrations for picture books and chapter books published by Opal and Idus.

I also arrange workshops for children, where I show how I work with books, and how one can paint with coffe and tea.