Jessica Svendeborn portfolio

Dinozards snowday, personal projectJessica SvendebornDinozards snowday, personal projectI got inspired to make a cute picture related to my third gameproject at FutureGames, Dinozards. The Dinozards are making a snowman of their father in the lovely snowy weather. 2020 
I love Orange tryck, personal projectJessica SvendebornI love Orange tryck, personal projectThis is meant to become a print that I can sell on a website with printing possibcoloilities, I will be creating multiple versions with different colours and themes. Will be printed on posters, bags, pillows etc. created 2020
International day of Happiness, themeday-game, at internship Flarie Jessica SvendebornInternational day of Happiness, themeday-game, at internship Flarie This was my favourite theme day I did during my Internship at Flarie "The international day of happiness". I based the game of of "these are a few of my favourite things" from Sound of Music.
Linus, digital character potrait, personal projectJessica SvendebornLinus, digital character potrait, personal projectDigital portait of Linus, a character I created from a previous characterdesigns and sketches. 2020
Flying theme, personal projectJessica SvendebornFlying theme, personal projectA theme exercise I had with two friends, the theme was "FLYING". 2020
A Dinozard, Personal projectJessica SvendebornA Dinozard, Personal projectAn illustration of one of the maincharacters in my gameproject during school, "Dinozards". It's a little dinosaur wizard, getting distracted and bewildered. 2020
Baking Break, Personal projectJessica SvendebornBaking Break, Personal projectThis was a fake-gameproject in school. We had to come up with a gameidea and create fake screenshots for the game.​ I made "Baking Break" a mobile baking game. I wanted a very 50's advertizing style with a semi-realistic painted feeling. With an assistant character called Peggy.

Jessica Svendeborn

My name is Jessica Svendeborn, I'm 28 and I live in Stockholm.

To draw and be creative is the only thing I wish to do. I love to draw comics and create pictures that tell a story. 


I have studied at FutureGames for the last two years at their 2D-Graphics program. Previous edcuations include a two-year Animation education at Animationsakademien in Stockholm and befor that I took a 2 year course in art. My greatest wish is to work creatively and I always try to improve and wish to use my love of art and pictures to reach that goal.  

During the last 8 months I have been at an internship at Flarie in Stockholm.



8 month 2D-artist/Design internship at Flarie, from Jan-Aug 2020

Freelance job: created an animated commercial for Framtids forum m&i

I created the cinematic opening for my gameproject: Dinozards which won at the "Swedish Game Awards" 2019

Worked on the short student stoptmotionfilm: "Baking for Beginners" som var med på REX-animations festival 2016

Made the animated short clips from "Blickar kan mörda" musikvideo by Josef Josefsson 2015