Jessika Berglund portfolio

Joni picks all the berriesJessika BerglundJoni picks all the berriesPicturesbook for small children, my text, my pictures. For Lilla Piratforlaget.
About well-being among children i sweden, for "Socionomen" 2020Jessika BerglundAbout well-being among children i sweden, for "Socionomen" 2020One of two pictures for a text in the magazine "Socionomen"
Kerstin and Toba in the sun, project whit a friendJessika BerglundKerstin and Toba in the sun, project whit a friendPictures bokk in progress. Weather, friends and adventure!
Syster Grön, pictures book 2020Jessika BerglundSyster Grön, pictures book 2020Pictures book, Olika förlag 2020. My own text, about two sisters going to the sea.
Nice things whit Harry, work in progressJessika BerglundNice things whit Harry, work in progressPictures book in progress about a grandfather and his grandchild going for rasberries.
"Winters night", childrensbook Lilla Piratförlaget 2020Jessika Berglund"Winters night", childrensbook Lilla Piratförlaget 2020Picturebook writen by Ann-Helén Laestadius, at first made as ashort film fort UR-skola
Snacks for everyone!Jessika BerglundSnacks for everyone!Joni is in the park whit his brother and a freind.To feed the birds, and to have a picnick! Picture-book for small kids, Lilla Piratförlaget 2020
Oscar and mum, for Speja, book planned for 2020Jessika BerglundOscar and mum, for Speja, book planned for 2020Oscar and his mum is on there way home från the tivoli 1923
A very big rain, projectJessika BerglundA very big rain, projectTwo friends in a very big weather...
Jonis birds, project for Lilla Piratförlaget planned for 2020Jessika BerglundJonis birds, project for Lilla Piratförlaget planned for 2020Joni go to the park to feed the birds. But they are far to big...
Pimpelfiske, childrens book 2018Jessika BerglundPimpelfiske, childrens book 2018I did the pictures and Ann-Helen Laestadius wrote this childrens book from 2018. Malte is going to fisch om the ice for the very first time.  
Kiriaka. Eget arbeteJessika BerglundKiriaka. Eget arbeteTeckning till eget arbete om musik och dans i Göteborgsmiljö. Figurerna är hämtade från trumgruppen Kiriaka.
Ormar i Flen, text Helen Rundgren. UR skolaJessika BerglundOrmar i Flen, text Helen Rundgren. UR skolaBilden kommer att animeras. Filmen kommer sedan att ingå i en serie där tittaren ser filmen, läser texten och hör en uppläsmning samtidigt.
The bear, asleep. Personal workJessika BerglundThe bear, asleep. Personal workEtt bilderboksprojekt under arbete. Björnen har planterat hela skogen full och nu är han trött.
for childrensbook, The marmeidJessika Berglundfor childrensbook, The marmeidThis marmeid is not easy to handle, and she is not very nice...
for a childrensbook, Flying homeJessika Berglundfor a childrensbook, Flying homeSome musicans on there way home...
personal work, HorsesJessika Berglundpersonal work, HorsesFast riding, mixted media
You in the rain. Private 2019Jessika BerglundYou in the rain. Private 2019It is raining but you are happy anyway!
Jessika Berglund
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Jessika Berglund

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Jessika Berglund and I am a writer, an ilustrator and an artist. Most of my work is somehow about nature, I like to do facts but fiction is fun to. The last time I been working together whit friends and I realy like that. You can do so much more if you are not alone! It is fun to work whit others idées.

What does your work table tell us about you?

I have four tables and they are all in a mess, but a creative working mess so thats no problem. This is because I have a big collection of treasures from nature. The collection is my libery, I use it in every part of my work.

What’s a usual day like at your job?

I use to split my days between writing and working whit pictures. Thats good because then you dont get so tierd, you can work for a longer time. I also use to take a walk in the forest every now and then. Thats nesesery because so much of my work is about nature. I need to se things and I need to learn more all the time.