Joakim Agervald portfolio

School Material, Hidden AgendaJoakim AgervaldSchool Material, Hidden AgendaThe magazine Manus ordered this illustration to their front page of the mars publication 2021.
A toaster summer, BB&B, 2016Joakim AgervaldA toaster summer, BB&B, 2016Promotion mail news letter to the french communication agency BB&B.
Sleeping at desk, Editorial, 2016Joakim AgervaldSleeping at desk, Editorial, 2016Editorial illustration about that we work longer hours and not getting enouph sleep.
Tandem vacationJoakim AgervaldTandem vacationIllustration about to scheduling a environmental friendly vacation.
Interrupted at work, Editorial, 2018Joakim AgervaldInterrupted at work, Editorial, 2018Interrupted at work, is a editorial animated illustartion about conatntly loosing concentration at work due to interruptions.
A good book takes me back, Editorial, 2017Joakim AgervaldA good book takes me back, Editorial, 2017A good book takes me back, Editorial illustarttion about the benefits of reading helping your imangination to evolve.
History with AbeJoakim AgervaldHistory with Abe.
UFE, Editorial, 2015Joakim AgervaldUFE, Editorial, 2015UFE - Unidentified Flying Egg Editorial animated illustration, the purpose is to high light the first meal of the day.
TravellingJoakim AgervaldTravellingThis is a loop featuring travelling. Wanted to play around with line illustrations and do a simple transition between the tranportations.
Svenska Vård, infomercial, 2018Joakim AgervaldSvenska Vård, infomercial, 2018Svenska Vård needed a infomercial to attracked new members and get more precendce on their social media accounts. I wrote the script (except the copytexts), design, animation and sound design. Agency: Shiny Happy People Client: Svenska Vård
Joakim Agervald

Joakim Agervald

I’ve worked with media since 2007 and I’m a illustrator, designer, motion designer and animator. Most of my assignments are animated infographics or explainer videos to organisations, companies and tv-shows, but I also do illustrations on commission. I’ve bin AD on several tv-shows one won the Swedish tv-award Kristallen 2020 and three more has been nominated prevous years. 2018 was a UR-production nominated to Prix Jeunesse in Munich where I've done the Art Direction and aniamtions and in 2016 I was nominated of the Swedish design awards of an infographic series I did to LRF.

Agencies and clients I’ve worked with includes: Ikea, Tele2, Absolut Vodka, ICA, SVT, Com Hem, UR, Svenska Spel, Acne, Fremantle Media, Spoon, Aftonbladet, Falu Rödfärg, etc.