Joakim Ceder portfolio

Cuckoo LoonJoakim CederCuckoo LoonCuckoo Loon (They Rule the World) -- illustration for Slynglar cultural fanzine.
A Surreal Romantic Harpist Joakim CederA Surreal Romantic Harpist For a Latin Music poster. Harp was to be played, and very romantically so.
Drowning in a Sea of PaperJoakim CederDrowning in a Sea of PaperIllustration for Soda -- Student Union's Magazine, Univ. of Södertörn (no. 4 2006, republished in 2007.) A bit of nostalgia. I begun my career there.
CD-jacket, "Salt Breeze with Kites" for Allen Finney. Joakim CederCD-jacket, "Salt Breeze with Kites" for Allen Finney. I used water colours and ink to get the light feeling for this record with Americana. (I also made the inside and back.)
Personal Work.Joakim CederPersonal Work.A comment on marine pollution.
Larry's Corner, Concert PosterJoakim CederLarry's Corner, Concert PosterPoster for a concert, a semi-improvised jam session, thus with a happy jumble of instruments.
Magazine front, Tidningen Kulturen, "Panta Rei"Joakim CederMagazine front, Tidningen Kulturen, "Panta Rei""Panta rei" -- Illustrating Heraclitus' thesis that "everything floats"
Music and Poetry PosterJoakim CederMusic and Poetry PosterPoster for an event in which I also got to play. Ink and digital colouring. 
"Between Two Lives", CD Jacket IllustrationJoakim Ceder"Between Two Lives", CD Jacket IllustrationMade for singer-songwriter Sophie Aspgren; her song is about a soul whose life has become sharply divided in a Before and After. The graphical soloution is quite obvious. The music (and the illustration, in different cuts) can be found on YouTube and Spotify.
Café Dynamo, Spoken Word PosterJoakim CederCafé Dynamo, Spoken Word PosterAs emphasis was on the international, esp. African part of the evening, I had flags dancing around like words in the mouth.
Personal Work, Portrait in FragmentsJoakim CederPersonal Work, Portrait in FragmentsDigital dalírium for Paintstakingly, the blog.
Personal Work, "Fine Fish don't have to Answer Phones"Joakim CederPersonal Work, "Fine Fish don't have to Answer Phones"Intended for a book, sadly unfinished. Some of it is described on Paintstakingly. Pencil and digital flavours.
Personal fundraiser, "Syrian Waters"Joakim CederPersonal fundraiser, "Syrian Waters"Pencil on paper, inverted.
Trappan Citizen's House, Stockholm, Poster for Musical EventJoakim CederTrappan Citizen's House, Stockholm, Poster for Musical EventThe artist was happy to design a poster for this event where he also played the piano. Poster made digitally. See also: Paintstakingly, Oct. 2014
Joakim Ceder

Joakim Ceder

Surrealist, ranging from the mildly slanted to Dalí Schezuan. Creator of front pages for newspapers, animations to music and an endless row of jazz posters. Uses everything from Photoshop to pencil & paper. Particularily fond of ink with aquarelle.