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Unionen inblick 2015; Cover, spreadJoakim HellstedtUnionen inblick 2015; Cover, spreadOne of three illustrations for cover / article ("När robotarna tar över") in Unionen Inblick 2015 Complete information about the project alongside the remaining images can be found at BEHANCE.
Digital EngineersJoakim HellstedtDigital EngineersDigital Engineers
Adobe / Make it Joakim Hellstedt X DanTDMJoakim HellstedtAdobe / Make it Joakim Hellstedt X DanTDMI was asked by Adobe if I wanted to join in their celebration of creative people by creating artwork alongside two other great artists - Dei G. (DEISIGN) and SeedSeven (Two Dots) - featuring Youtube sensation DanTDM. Head over to Behance to check out the full project!
Lone Boreman of the Post-ApocalypseJoakim HellstedtLone Boreman of the Post-ApocalypseLone Boarman of the Post-Apocalypse
"Keep it safe"Joakim Hellstedt"Keep it safe"The scene of a holy artifact changing hands.
Visage technologiesJoakim HellstedtVisage technologiesSpread for article in magazine Innovation #2, 2015 Article text / Art Director Klara Möller Noren, Snick-Snack :
Man and his dogJoakim HellstedtMan and his dogMan and his dog
Cursed PirateJoakim HellstedtCursed PiratePirate cursed with having all nearby birds land on him (Futuregames, 2014)
In the SubwayJoakim HellstedtIn the SubwayIn the Subway
Overcast knightJoakim HellstedtOvercast knightOvercast knight
Side QuestJoakim HellstedtSide QuestSide Quest
Troll's goldJoakim HellstedtTroll's gold"Troll's gold", concept and art direction Kristine Wreyford.
Red MistJoakim HellstedtRed Mist"Red Mist"
Desert JetJoakim HellstedtDesert JetDesert Jet
One Page Comic #5Joakim HellstedtOne Page Comic #5Tema: "Astronaut finds dead cowboy in space"
One Page Comic #XJoakim HellstedtOne Page Comic #XTheme: Batman
The NovicesJoakim HellstedtThe NovicesCover to the first book, author David Goldfarb.
Joakim Hellstedt
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Freelance designer and illustrator in the game, ad and movie industry. Works digitally and holds classes, lectures and workshops in illustration and design; Both more general classes like “Design for games” and “color/shape language” but also student guidance and more specific courses in technique, approach and light/material description as well as live painting.

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Joakim Hellstedt

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Joakim Hellstedt and I am a freelancing concept artist and illustrator.

What part of your creative work do you like the most?

I really enjoy laying the foundation for things, which might also be why I often work in the initial process of larger projects where my designs are further iterated and realized by 3d modelers or similar. But I generally enjoy helping others that may not have a visual skillset to communicate their ideas.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

Since I've worked pretty widely and have a large interest in styles I am pretty adaptable – my wish is always that the client I'm working for gets exactly what they are after, or help finding out what that is.