Johan Cedmar-Brandstedt portfolio

Customer Journey for future car servicesJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtCustomer Journey for future car servicesIllustrations for a presentation about future services. Volvo Car Corporation.
Mr WrenchJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtMr WrenchVirtual coach for e-learning for Volvo Trucks.
ZombonyJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtZombonyT-shirt design based on own web comic. Read it at!
Hotdog cards for SibyllaJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtHotdog cards for SibyllaGiveaway for Sibylla, through Idékompaniet/Fun For Kids.
IFK-serieJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtIFK-serieStrip comic for Swedish soccer team IFK Göteborg
Jayden's Beer & PupsJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtJayden's Beer & PupsLogotype for the neighborhood pub. Private project.
Doug Hott & The DinosaursJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtDoug Hott & The DinosaursKid's meal packaging illustration for Sibylla, through Fun For Kids.
An eye for an eye makes the world go 'roundJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtAn eye for an eye makes the world go 'roundMousepad and/or desktop image based on own characters.
Comic fontsJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtComic fontsTypefaces based on comic artist's hand writing. Client list includes Sanatorium, Optimal, Kartago, Strand Comics and others, and artists such as Henrik Rehr, Martin Kellerman, Steffen Kverneland, JP Ahonen, David Liljemark and Kati Kovacs.
Brf Hjälmaren-SköntorpJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtBrf Hjälmaren-SköntorpLogotype and profile illustration for tenant-owner's association Hjälmaren-Sköntorp.
Shaven beaverJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtShaven beaverUnfortunate beaver. Private project.
Pep talkJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtPep talkIllustration for beginner's reading book about swimming for Gleerups Förlag.
Good things to bring to seaJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtGood things to bring to seaIllustration about safe boating for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society kids magazine, Trossen Junior.
SwimmerJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtSwimmerSwimmer. Excerpt from a presentation produced for the Swedish Sports Confederation.
Ms TraceJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtMs TraceEaster egg in interactive training.
Vision 2020 Character GalleryJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtVision 2020 Character GalleryAnimation character design for Volvo Cars via HiQ.
Scenario sketchJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtScenario sketchConcept illustration for training event
Piglet DealerJohan Cedmar-BrandstedtPiglet DealerComics fanzine cover. Hommage to Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer".
Johan Cedmar-Brandstedt

Johan Cedmar-Brandstedt

I work mainly as a whiteboard ninja and storyboard wizard, inventing and visualizing digiphysical products and services for clients such as Volvo Cars, Toyota and LEGO. I also occasionally design interfaces and animation characters.

My expertise is comics. I have created them for, among others, Warner (through Schibsted Förlagen), the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, and my own project, Death Piglet.

As an illustrator I have worked for, among others, Carta Mundi, Sibylla and Finnair (through Fun For Kids), Sisu Idrottsutbildarna, Gleerups and Hegas.

I create and deliver both in vector and bitmap.