Johan Reich portfolio

Sura GubbarJohan ReichSura GubbarAnimated movie.
Humana Connect3Johan ReichHumana Connect3One of several illustrations for Humana Connect.
Human Connect2Johan ReichHuman Connect2One of several illustrations for Humana Connect.
Humana Connect1Johan ReichHumana Connect1One of several drawings for Humana Connect
HumanaJohan ReichHumanaA couple of drawings for Humana
PreventJohan ReichPreventEditorial illustration
Grumpy old menJohan ReichGrumpy old menAnimated short movie
ArbetsförmedlingenJohan ReichArbetsförmedlingenPicture ordered bt Swedish Labour office.
Two politicians 1Johan ReichTwo politicians 1Two pictures out of a larger order
Typ politicians Johan ReichTyp politicians A couple of pictures out of a bigger order.
V och LOJohan ReichV och LOTwo politicians
Personal assistanceJohan ReichPersonal assistanceShort animated movie för Vårdföretagen
FeelingsJohan ReichFeelingsAnimations for Gullers Grupp.
Västra GötalandsregionenJohan ReichVästra GötalandsregionenA short movie for Västra Götalandsregionen.
Public healthJohan ReichPublic healthA short animated movie about the public health.
ASD-movieJohan ReichASD-movieA short animated movie for parents with ASD.
The male standardJohan ReichThe male standardA short animsated movie about male standards.
ViolenceJohan ReichViolenceA animated movie for Landstinget
Johan Reich
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Johan Reich

I like to wresle with the collision of experience and random in free hand drawing. It`s a  bit like play sports and action and reaction. And sometimes you just can go with the flow.