Johanna Eklöv portfolio

Sea trout, Aquaria vattenmuseum Stockholm Johanna EklövSea trout, Aquaria vattenmuseum Stockholm Sea trout painted in watercolor for Aquaria Vattenmuseum in Stockholm.
FischJohanna EklövFischInk drawing
personal workJohanna Eklövpersonal workTuschteckning
HeadfooterJohanna EklövHeadfooterInk drawing
PigmaidJohanna EklövPigmaidInk drawing
Grinwhales in inkJohanna EklövGrinwhales in inkIn drawing
knight child defendingJohanna Eklövknight child defendingKnight defending margins, ink drawing
Gallow hillJohanna EklövGallow hillIllustration for an article in a paper
Dragon eggJohanna EklövDragon eggInk drawing
CakeJohanna EklövCakeCake in ink
Graphic profile, Greatdays ABJohanna EklövGraphic profile, Greatdays ABDevelopent of graphical profile and logo from blue and yellow to gold at the company Greatdays AB. 
Art exhibition banner, Stockholms läns museum "The frozen lake"Johanna EklövArt exhibition banner, Stockholms läns museum "The frozen lake"Art exhibition banner and info on Stockholms läns museum "The frozen lake" by artist Knutte Wester.
Exhibition poster, Stockholms läns museumJohanna EklövExhibition poster, Stockholms läns museumExhibition poster, Stockholms läns museum about the cold war period in Sweden
Project Stockholm Region Unstraight, graphical koncept, Stockholms läns museumJohanna EklövProject Stockholm Region Unstraight, graphical koncept, Stockholms läns museumGraphical concept, project "Stockholm Region Unstraight" by Stockholms läns museum.
Ledungen, kultur och naturJohanna EklövLedungen, kultur och naturMagazinelayout, Stockholms läns hembygdsförbunds tidning Ledungen, kultur och natur i Stockholms län.
Design of books and magazinesJohanna EklövDesign of books and magazinesDesign of books and magazines
DragonJohanna EklövDragonIllustration 
Johanna Eklöv

Johanna Eklöv

Graphical designer and illustrator. Digital and print.