Johanna Lundqvist Björn portfolio

Ernst Textil AB, design for fabric, Johanna caracters 2018Johanna Lundqvist BjörnErnst Textil AB, design for fabric, Johanna caracters 2018Playful, colourful design with Johanna caracters on cottonfabric, by Ernst Textil AB 2018
Johanna Form & Design, bagJohanna Lundqvist BjörnJohanna Form & Design, bagJohanna Form & Design, bag
Emmaljunga barnvagnar, design for babybedset Johanna Lundqvist BjörnEmmaljunga barnvagnar, design for babybedset Emmaljunga barnvagnar, design for babybedset.
Hemtex AB, childrens collection by Johanna Johanna Lundqvist BjörnHemtex AB, childrens collection by Johanna Childerns collection in bed and bathroom design and interior for Hemtex AB, Sweden 2008
Ordning & Reda, paperdesignJohanna Lundqvist BjörnOrdning & Reda, paperdesignPattern by Johanna Lundqvist Björn on card and notebooks for Ordning & Reda.
Sandbergs Tapet, wallpaper Johanna Lundqvist BjörnSandbergs Tapet, wallpaper Wallpaper design by Johanna Lundqvist Björn, Sandbergs Tapeter
Johanna Lundqvist BjörnBabydesign on babyclothes. Graphic pattern design by ©Johanna Lundqvist Björn, Johanna Form & Design
Johanna Lundqvist BjörnIllustrations and graphicdesign of the books about Leja Li, written by Linda Ulvaeus. Bokförlaget Opal. © Johanna Lundqvist Björn 2011-2013
Johanna Lundqvist BjörnCard with envelope from designcollection Johanna. It´s inspired by royal weddings in Sweden
Johanna Lundqvist BjörnDesign "Rosa" from Johanna Form & Design collection
Johanna Lundqvist BjörnClothes from babycollection "Babyface" and with babyface girl card
Johanna Lundqvist Björn
Nybro Glasbruk, design glasswareJohanna Lundqvist BjörnNybro Glasbruk, design glasswareNybro Glasbruk, design and concept on glass
Johanna Lundqvist Björn
Johanna Lundqvist BjörnFoto © Mique
Childrens book Percys äventyr, den stora skattjaktenJohanna Lundqvist BjörnChildrens book Percys äventyr, den stora skattjaktenIllustrations and graphic design for THE ADVENTURE OF PERCY PENGUIN - THE BIG BALLON VOYAGE. By Catharina Larsdotter Norén & Janna Gränesjö, Idus Förlag. © Johanna Lundqvist Björn 2013.
Johanna Lundqvist Björn
östra karup - båstad
073 952 20 23

Johanna Lundqvist Björn

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Johanna Lundqvist and I´m a designer and illustrator who very much like colours and pattern. I have my own designcollection in paper and babyclothes. I also work on freelance with productdesigns and pictures and layout for childrens books.