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Storyboard grey/black and whiteJohn SchütteStoryboard grey/black and whiteRough storyboard. Cant remeber client or agency. It really doesnt matter.
Rough storyboard IllustrationJohn SchütteRough storyboard IllustrationRough storyboard Illustration for Nivea. Part of a sequence of aprox 10 drawings in total
Animatic soupJohn SchütteAnimatic soupAnimatic for testing commercial/marketing strategy of Keldas drinkable soup
Rough storyboard Clas OhlsonJohn SchütteRough storyboard Clas OhlsonA rougher faster style for the smaler budget
The generalJohn SchütteThe generalA so called test to learn new software and practice on animating walk cykles.
Storyboard dad and girlJohn SchütteStoryboard dad and girlStoryboard with dad and girl packing in the atic. 
Storyboard VolvoJohn SchütteStoryboard VolvoStoryboard Volvo. Agency F&B Gothenburg
Happy family in the kitchen storyboardJohn SchütteHappy family in the kitchen storyboardThis is what I do all the time: Happy family in the kitchen storyboards
Storyboard for canned soupJohn SchütteStoryboard for canned soupStoryboard for canned soup. Here I can show that Im able to draw people af all ages.
Rough client sketchJohn SchütteRough client sketchRough client sketch for german ADAC
Storyboard Insurance CompanyJohn SchütteStoryboard Insurance CompanyRough style storyboard. Agency: TBWA. Client Länsförsäkringar
Storyboard illustration for commercial with little girlJohn SchütteStoryboard illustration for commercial with little girlStoryboard illustration for commercial with little girl.
Explainer video about pre-schoolJohn SchütteExplainer video about pre-schoolSwedish Ministry of Education informs parents of children wich are entering the age of qualifying for pre-school
University of Lund ExplainerJohn SchütteUniversity of Lund ExplainerUniversity of Lund explains the term "sociology of law"
Animatic DaciaJohn SchütteAnimatic DaciaAnimatic for marketing research of Dacias commercial and marketing strategy
Storyboard for insurance companyJohn SchütteStoryboard for insurance companyStoryboard for insurance company
WellaJohn SchütteWellaBeauty storyboard Wella.
car storyboard 01John Schüttecar storyboard 01car storyboard illustration
John Schütte
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John Schütte

I have been working full time as an illustrator since 2000.

I do  storyboards, animation, animatics, explainer videos, animated films.