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Svenska Dagbladet - about youth robberyJosefin HerolfSvenska Dagbladet - about youth robberyEditorial illustrations on Youth Robbery in Svenska Dagbladet 23 February 2020.
Svenska Dagbladet - about the corona virusJosefin HerolfSvenska Dagbladet - about the corona virusIllustrations for SvD - about how the virus spread in Sweden.
Doctors Without Borders / DirektJosefin HerolfDoctors Without Borders / DirektIllustration for reportage about child soldiers for Doctors Without Borders Member Journal Direct.
Swedwatch / What does your T-shirt cost?Josefin HerolfSwedwatch / What does your T-shirt cost?Illustration / infographics for the magazine "What does your T-shirt cost?", designed for the target group of young consumers - about the real price for what you eat, your clothes, your mobile phone and your trips. Published by Swedwatch.
infographics for sustainability project / SVEMINJosefin Herolfinfographics for sustainability project / SVEMINThe assignment involved producing illustrations for SVEMIN'S web portal, which will visualize 4 different sustainability projects in progress. The project will be launched in 2019 and deals with Sustainability, legal processes, traceability and fossil-free mining.
Trygg på jobbet, 2018. Josefin HerolfTrygg på jobbet, 2018. illustration for magazine Trygg på jobbet (Safe at the work space). 
Lärarnas tidning, 2018Josefin HerolfLärarnas tidning, 2018Illustration about the crisis within the swedish-for-immigrants courses.
Dogmer som dödarJosefin HerolfDogmer som dödarRedaktionellt för Situation Stockholm om svensk narkotikapolitik.
Lärarnas tidningJosefin HerolfLärarnas tidningIllustration for Lärarnas tidning (10/18), about the union and its' role in politics.
AinaJosefin HerolfAinaFrom the book "Pekbok för ungar från betongen" (Placenta 2016).
Heavy cloudsJosefin HerolfHeavy cloudsIllustration for Psykologtidningen (2017).
LandscapeJosefin HerolfLandscapeLandscape. Paper cut. 2017
BirchesJosefin HerolfBirchesBirches. 2016
Election DayJosefin HerolfElection DayIllustration from Magazine "Hända" (2014).
BuildersJosefin HerolfBuildersIllustration for magazine Trygg på Jobbet (2016).
RestaurantJosefin HerolfRestaurantIllustration för magazine Trygg på Jobbet (2016).
MigrantsJosefin HerolfMigrantsIllustration for Direkt / läkare utan gränser, 2016.
LiliesJosefin HerolfLiliesWater color
Josefin Herolf
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Josefin Herolf


What is your name and how would you briefly describe your work?

My name is Josefin Herolf, I work as an illustrator and a graphic designer. My work can be found in magazines, information publications, books and teaching publications. As a designer I work with print, web and film. The combination of illustrating and designing layout offers many advantages, as I can plan the graphic design from the image and vice versa.


What part of the creative work do you like best?

I tend to stay in the first idea phase as long as possible, it’s pleasurable and rewarding to sketch and test ideas. I also like to present the ideas to the client relatively early on, so that our visions and expectations can be met. I like to work further with the sketches too… so I have to say that every part has its’ charm.


What do you like to draw and what do you draw more?

I'm interested in people, bodies and facial expressions. Nature is also a favourite motif. Cities and patterns. Preferably in combination. I would love to do more children's books and wallpapers.