Josefin Lidh portfolio

AgriOptJosefin LidhAgriOptIllustration for AgriOpt, 2020.
My mental healthJosefin LidhMy mental healthPortrait from own project about mental health,
Your gardenJosefin LidhYour gardenYour garden, cover for LiTHanian.
Grand <3 MusikhjälpenJosefin LidhGrand <3 MusikhjälpenVisual identity a Musikhjälpen event.
Movement patternJosefin LidhMovement patternMovement pattern, personal work
AgriOptJosefin LidhAgriOptIllustration for AgriOpt, 2020.
Ice-cream for twoJosefin LidhIce-cream for twoIce-cream for two, personal work.
Little flyJosefin LidhLittle flyLittle fly, personal work. 
Personal work, William SpetzJosefin LidhPersonal work, William SpetzPersonal work.
Ottar, editorial illustration, 2021Josefin LidhOttar, editorial illustration, 2021For an article by Anna Dahlqvist about ADHD and PMS for Ottar, a magazine by RFSU. Published 2021. 
Josefin  Lidh

Josefin Lidh

My name Josefin Lidh and i'm a freelancing illustrator and graphic designer besides working as a UX/UI designer. I like to create illustrations for childrens books, pattern design, posters, graphite portraits, infographics and other illustrations. I like working with a playful style and also to try out and combine new techniques and styles. I've always loved to express myself in different ways – draw, write, sind, dance. To help others by creating is even more meaningful. 

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Graphic Design and Communication – Bachelor at Linköpings universitet (2016)
Bilderboken i teori och praktik – Course at Linnéuniversitetet (2018)
Cognitive Science – Master at Linköpings universitet (2019)