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Kvinnodjuren, podcast cover artJosephine SkapareKvinnodjuren, podcast cover artCover art for my podcast Kvinnodjuren. The art is a collab where I illustrated the animals (including us, human animals) and my friend Lina made the lettering. We have the podcast together, it is in swedish and can be founf where podcasts are found.
Dagens Arbete, editorial illustration, 2019Josephine SkapareDagens Arbete, editorial illustration, 2019Illustration for question column in Dagens Arbete regarding retirement age.
Personal work, recipe illustration, 2018Josephine SkaparePersonal work, recipe illustration, 2018Recipe illustration for a delicious vegan ica cream, published on They Draw and Cook.
Dagens Arbete, editorial illustration, 2020Josephine SkapareDagens Arbete, editorial illustration, 2020Illustration for question column in Dagens Arbete regarding going to work with sick kids at home and if one is denied work, what about the salary.
Gothia Fortbildning, cover illustration for book catalogues, 2019Josephine SkapareGothia Fortbildning, cover illustration for book catalogues, 2019Illustration for catalogues presenting the 2020 selection of books from Gothia Fortbildning.
Wettex, pattern design, 2018/2019Josephine SkapareWettex, pattern design, 2018/201910 patterns for Wettex Art Collection to be released during 2019/2020.
Personal work, "Monkeys", 2018Josephine SkaparePersonal work, "Monkeys", 2018A pattern that makes you smile. Available at Spoonflower and
Personal work, "1k sticker for Instagram", 2019Josephine SkaparePersonal work, "1k sticker for Instagram", 2019Animated gif for Giphy, hopefully available as a sticker on Instagram Stories soon.
Scandinavian Traveler (OTW), editorial, 2018Josephine SkapareScandinavian Traveler (OTW), editorial, 2018Illustration for article about how to "pop your ears" while flying, for SAS in-flight magazine Scandinavian Traveler.
Unionen/Kollega, editorial, 2018.Josephine SkapareUnionen/Kollega, editorial, 2018.Illustration for article about gender, education and excpected salary.
Collab project with Sthlm Lettering CLubJosephine SkapareCollab project with Sthlm Lettering CLubI got September to draw in this collaboration project together with Sthlm Lettering Club.
Personal work, "Just being", 2018Josephine SkaparePersonal work, "Just being", 2018Lettering and illustration for posters and trays. Posters available at Nordic Poster Collective and trays through me at craft markets etc. Translation ≈ “Here I’m sitting and just being. And that’s all okey. Nice, ey!”
Personal work, map illustration "My Vegan Days in New York City", 2017Josephine SkaparePersonal work, map illustration "My Vegan Days in New York City", 2017Personal work, map illustration "My Vegan Days in New York City", 2017. Summer 2017 I went to New York for the first time. The days were mostly spent with my little family on the Lower East Side. We had the best vegan food ever and I just can’t wait to go back and explore some more! I simply needed to make a map as a remider for future visits. The map is published on the site They Draw and Travel: 
Personal work, "Fight OCD", 2017Josephine SkaparePersonal work, "Fight OCD", 2017Personal work, "Fight OCD", 2017. A very personal project, lettering describing my OCD and what I wish that I could do different every day.
Barn & Vegoliv, editorial, 2017.Josephine SkapareBarn & Vegoliv, editorial, 2017.Barn & Vegoliv, editorial, 2017. Illustration for a collection of recipes with vegan christmas food classics in the first magazine for vegan parenting. Available as poster and kitchen towel in my shop,
Personal work, "Inky tools", 2017.Josephine SkaparePersonal work, "Inky tools", 2017.Personal work, "Inky tools", 2017. Some of my favourite tools as a vegan illustrator.
Going Places (inflight magazine for Malaysian Airlines), editorial, 2018.Josephine SkapareGoing Places (inflight magazine for Malaysian Airlines), editorial, 2018.Going Places (inflight magazine for Malaysian Airlines), editorial, 2018. Illustration for a Kuala Lumpur guide article.
Personal work for International women's day 2018Josephine SkaparePersonal work for International women's day 2018Personal work for International women's day 2018. Each year I create an illustration inspired by this very important day. And lettering is just so much fun.
Josephine Skapare

Josephine Skapare

Illustrator with a background as a graphic designer. 

Editorial illustration has been my focus so far, but my ideas are many and I'm looking forward to new collaborations. It would be lovely to create patterns for children's clothing, food packaging and home decor. And I would love to do more with handlettering!

Clients: Wettex, Trendy Tripper, The Graphics Office (NY), OTW, Unionen, City of Gothenburg, Going Places (inflight magazine for Malaysian Airlines), Make Your Mark.

Software skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate (iPad) and all the Adobe apps for iPad.