Julia Kabell portfolio

Activitycards for families. Personal ProjectJulia KabellActivitycards for families. Personal ProjectTogether with biologist Jessica Johansson I am creating a deck of activitycards with inspiration for outdoor activities. The product will be launcehd in the fall of 2021.
All eyes on UsJulia KabellAll eyes on UsEggtemperapainting of a great source of inspiration. 
The Encounters Countdown. Personal workJulia KabellThe Encounters Countdown. Personal workEggtempera on canvas. 60 x 80 cm. 
"The Hare". Personal work. Eggtempera on canvasJulia Kabell"The Hare". Personal work. Eggtempera on canvasI teach eggtempera-painting at Unnaryds Bonadsmuseum in the traditional southswedish naive folkpainting "bonads" -manner. This is an example of how I use the traditional technique in a realistic manner in contrast to the "bonadspaintings".
Into the Woods- Sweden. Visual identity and Logotype Julia KabellInto the Woods- Sweden. Visual identity and Logotype Visual identity and Logotype. Into the woods is a sustainable lifelab and handycraft- festival in southern Sweden that aims to reconnect us with nature by meeting up in the woods. https://www.intothewoods.se
Pedagogic outdoor material Julia KabellPedagogic outdoor material This material of 110 pages is a commission by the Swedish Forest Agency and will be launched in the fall of 2021. In cooperation with a biologists and a wildlife- expert I had the honour to illlustrate and do teh graphic layout of the material. 
Svensk Kolinlagring. Graphic profile, logotype and graphic communicationJulia KabellSvensk Kolinlagring. Graphic profile, logotype and graphic communicationSvensk Kolinlagring commissioned me to create their visual identity. Logotype, profile and graphic communication. https://kolinlagring.se
Ethnosphere OutdoorsJulia KabellEthnosphere OutdoorsLgotype for the wildlife extpert Juha Rankinens firm. 
WunderlivetJulia KabellWunderlivetI had the great honour to illustrate and layout material for the swedish holistic reproductive health practitioner Wunderlivet.
"Artforfuture" - fundraiser for climate actionJulia Kabell"Artforfuture" - fundraiser for climate actionThis is one of the Poster- designs I made and sold in a limited edition in a self-initiated campain called Art For Future - to support Greta Thunberg and the fight for climate action. All incomes from the campaign were donated to "Naturskyddsföreningen" - the Swedish Nature conservation association.
Logotype for Eco-lodgeJulia KabellLogotype for Eco-lodgeThe logotype symbolises the tepee-tent and the lake where it is set.
CD-coverJulia KabellCD-coverI was asked to illustrate a CD-cover with ancient mysticism, female strength and elegance for inspiration.
Logotype for the local breweryJulia KabellLogotype for the local breweryVintage style logotype for a local brewery. 
Map. Personal work.Julia KabellMap. Personal work.Illustrated map over the village Unnaryd in Halland County. 
poster-design. Personal work.Julia Kabellposter-design. Personal work.A poster to honour the band The Barr brothers. 
"Queen of Everything". Personal WorkJulia Kabell"Queen of Everything". Personal Work"I said, the mind is everything! What you think, you become." This is one poster of a serie of 12 with quotes on life. To see the whole series or to order a print- visit my webpage.
"Kampen fortsätter". Personal work. Julia Kabell"Kampen fortsätter". Personal work. From a Feminist art- poster trilogy made for an exhibition in Halland County 2019. The style is inspired by the traditional bonadspaintings but in a modern context.
Forest Tribe- logotypeJulia KabellForest Tribe- logotypeLogotype for the eco event- company Forest Tribe. 
Julia Kabell

Julia Kabell

Im an illustrator, painter and graphic designer with nature as my primary inspiration. I love to find creative solutions. The techniques I use are both hand on paper: ink, watercolour and eggtempera, as well as digital: digital painting, vector graphics and graphic design. 

Please contact me for information and requests.