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Julia Kabell

Julia Kabell

I have been drawing and writing a lot, ever since I was big enough to hold a pen. The pen became my tool to create fantasy- worlds where I could lose myself. Some kind of meditation, I guess. My grandpa was an artist and my whole childhood I was told how impossible and hard it is to live from your arts. I finally decided to ignore that and go for it. I studied two years of graphic (the old school printing techniques) on Östra Grevie Folkschool outside of Malmö in South of Sweden. After finishing my studies I started my own company Chikagami and moved back to the woods where I was brought up. Chikagami is north american for 'place by the lake', and that is where I live. 

Logos, posters, illustrations, signs and covers are my speciality. 

With a mix of hand-painted illustrations, typography, symmetry and fantasy I create collages/compositions using computer graphics (mainly Photoshop). My inspiration springs from nature, poetry in words and music, old vintage and art noveau posters and signs. I love colours and motion, wich often shines through my work.