Kai Hänström portfolio

Album Cover, "Syren of the Deep"Kai HänströmAlbum Cover, "Syren of the Deep"Album cover illustration featuring a mermaid attempting to escape the deep ocean while being pulled back down.
Freelance, "Holy Fire"Kai HänströmFreelance, "Holy Fire"Digital illustration inspired by tarot cards featuring client's character.
Personal Work, "Lovers Embrace"Kai HänströmPersonal Work, "Lovers Embrace"Digital painting inspired by love and classical paintings.
Freelance, "Iyo'haar Portrait"Kai HänströmFreelance, "Iyo'haar Portrait"Digital portrait of fantasy character for a client.
Personal Work, "Angel Without Feathers"Kai HänströmPersonal Work, "Angel Without Feathers"Digital illustration and character design of my original character Kyreli.
Personal Work, "Man With Parakeet"Kai HänströmPersonal Work, "Man With Parakeet"Digital character illustration.
Personal Work, "One For Sorrow"Kai HänströmPersonal Work, "One For Sorrow"Digital illustration based on original character and inspired by tarot cards.
Freelance, "Iyo'haar"Kai HänströmFreelance, "Iyo'haar"Digital illustration of fantasy character for a client.
Kai  Hänström

Kai Hänström

Hello! I'm a digital Illustrator and game artist from Värmdö, just outside of Stockholm. I have experience and education in game development and as working as a freelance illustrator.

My focus lies in creating stylized art and am very flexible, passionate and always ready to try and learn something new. As a generalist I have skills not only in illustration but 3D, typography, animation and graphic design.

I most often work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Clip Studio to create illustrations as well as Blender, Unreal Engine and Unity in game development.

Get in contact with me with any questions you have or if you are interested in having me as a part of your project!