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Kajsa Hallström

Kajsa Hallström

I'm a freelance illustrator based just outside Lund and I'm mainly focused on children's book illustrations. I create my illustrations digitally but I like to give them a "traditional" feel with textures that make them look a little bit hand painted. My passion is storytelling and my goal is to make my illustrations tell a story and connect with the viewer/reader in some way. I also feel it's important with a variety of characters with different looks and expressions. 

A selection of publishers I've worked with/I'm currently working with: Idus Förlag, Triumf Förlag, Stabenfeldt, Speja Förlag and Kikkuli Förlag.

Except children's books I also illustrate other things, for example logotypes.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss possibilties and ideas!