Karin Ahlin portfolio

Cover IllustrationKarin AhlinCover IllustrationCover Illustration and design for my book: "Kom sol!" or "Come Rain or Shine". Publisher: Alfabeta.
Gudrun Sjödén - Spring CatalogueKarin AhlinGudrun Sjödén - Spring CatalogueThe house of Gudrun Sjödén, in Furusund, Sweden. Editorial illustration for her Swedish clothing brand.
Picture book: Don't be afraid!Karin AhlinPicture book: Don't be afraid!Illustration from "Don't be afraid!", a picture book for children. Karin Ahlin is both the illustrator and the author for the story. Publisher: Alfabeta. 
People and pencil.Karin AhlinPeople and pencil.Documentary drawing. Technique: pencil. 
To grow seedsKarin AhlinTo grow seedsOne of my biggest interest is gardening and to make seeds grow into plants. This is a project where I document all the steps of the growing process.
Energy and harmonyKarin AhlinEnergy and harmonyThis is a commission for the swedish company Prestationsbyrån. Together with them I developed illustrations and animations for their presentations, to make their stories come alive.
Geometrical ShapesKarin AhlinGeometrical ShapesIn search of balance. Personal Work.
Strong TogetherKarin AhlinStrong TogetherA picture of a sausage. Illustration from the book "Kom sol!" or "Come Rain or Shine". Publisher: Alfabeta
The GiftKarin AhlinThe GiftIllustration from the book "Kom sol" or "Come Rain or Shine". A story about a mother who dies.
SourdoughKarin AhlinSourdoughBaking bread. Editorial illustration for the Swedish magazine: Hemslöjd, about craft.
Birch-barkKarin AhlinBirch-barkEditorial illustration for the Swdish magazine Hemslöjd, a magazine about craft. This is an illustration about the love of birch-bark, and coffee.
Museo Frida KahloKarin AhlinMuseo Frida KahloEditorial illustration for the spring catalogue of the Swedish clothing brand Gudrun Sjödén. I illustrated pictures for the theme: art around the world.
Stockholm City, Sergels TorgKarin AhlinStockholm City, Sergels TorgSergels Torg is one of many illustrations of known places in Stockholm city. 
The NutcrackerKarin AhlinThe NutcrackerThe Nutcracker – from a series of bird illustrations to Buffon's lyrics, made with collage technique.
The Climate Change IKarin AhlinThe Climate Change IA picture series about the climate change. A student project for SIDA.
The Climate Change IIKarin AhlinThe Climate Change IIA picture series about the climate change. A student project for SIDA.
Karin Ahlin

Karin Ahlin

I both illustrate and animate my own stories and books, and do a variety of commissions within the illustration- and storytelling field for external costumers and publishers. I also produce workshops and lectures, and within this work the visual storytelling is always present. Do you need pictures or illustrations for a presentation for your company or for a book, or something in between, you are very welcome to contact me with your wishes and thoughts, and we start the creative process from there.