Karin Gillberg portfolio

Schoolwork "Friendship birds!Karin GillbergSchoolwork "Friendship birds!Friendship birds 
Personal work "Easter"Karin GillbergPersonal work "Easter"The wait for the easter bunny can feel endless.
Personal work " The dog walk"Karin GillbergPersonal work " The dog walk"The dog walk An personal work that started with a quick sketch and then the process was started. 
Personal work "Spring"Karin GillbergPersonal work "Spring"This pattern I made with inspiration from the spring.
Pattern "Semeldagen"Karin GillbergPattern "Semeldagen"A pattern for the swedish pastry "Semla"
Personal work "Goodmorning Bear"Karin GillbergPersonal work "Goodmorning Bear"Goodmorning Bear!  
Karin Gillberg

Karin Gillberg

I am an illustrator who lives in Enköping. My work is a mixture och traditional and digital, I always start with paper and pencil to create lines with a feeling in it and then continue with coloring in Photoshop. 

I have done work for special education school authority and the Swedish climbing association.