Karin Kjäll portfolio

Personal product, ABC posterKarin KjällPersonal product, ABC posterA poster with an animal for each letter in the Swedish alphabet.
Personal product, poster 1-10Karin KjällPersonal product, poster 1-10A poster with animals in numbers from 1-10.
Personal production, comic (Håkan)Karin KjällPersonal production, comic (Håkan)A graphic short story of 10 pages, with an autobiographic base. Has been sold at the Small Press Expo and been part of an exhibition curated by Nicolas Krizan.
Jongleringskurs.se, juggling instructionsKarin KjällJongleringskurs.se, juggling instructionsPart of a gift kit where the course participants recieve a set of juggling balls and this description for practice at home.
Charlotte Ovesson, Survival kit for StatisticsKarin KjällCharlotte Ovesson, Survival kit for StatisticsFlyer of two pages for Charlotte Ovesson's work with statistics.
Hildurs, logotypeKarin KjällHildurs, logotypeLogotype for the production company Hildurs
Therapy by Leigh, illustrationKarin KjällTherapy by Leigh, illustrationIllustrations for the web-based course Reclaiming Desire, by Therapy by Leigh
Trinambai, bookmark and webb bannerKarin KjällTrinambai, bookmark and webb bannerA webb banner that later also turned into a bookmark for the book publishers Trinambai.
Trinambai, book coverKarin KjällTrinambai, book coverTrinambai has a new series of scientific literature, to which books I make the covers in an art déco inspired style.
Karin Kjäll

Karin Kjäll


I live in the southern suburbs of Stockholm with my daughter and cat.

I'm a Final Artist (degree from Jensen Education) and have studied Cartoon drawing at Hofors Serietecknarskola and Graphic design and Illustration at Beckmans evening classes.

My field is mostly cartoons and drawing for educational use or entertainment for children. Along with my skills in graphic design and final art, I can produce high quality material for almost any purpose. Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm very nice!

Best regards, Karin