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Self-care illustrations 💖Karin SöderquistSelf-care illustrations 💖Illustrations of the theme of self-care.
The New Yorker - PearlsKarin SöderquistThe New Yorker - PearlsIllustration for The New Yorker for Pearls, an essay written by David Sedaris. 
Niki de Saint PhalleKarin SöderquistNiki de Saint PhalleIllustration inspired by the artist Niki de Saint Phalle and her Nana sculptures.   
Book CoversKarin SöderquistBook CoversBooks covers for three novells. Personal project.
Riksteatern: Fritt FallKarin SöderquistRiksteatern: Fritt FallPoster for Riksteatern and the play Fritt Fall, a high school drama for the ages 13-15.  
Adobe Stock - Premium CollectionKarin SöderquistAdobe Stock - Premium CollectionTwo illustrations I've created for Adobe Stock. 
Tidningen GrundskolanKarin SöderquistTidningen GrundskolanIllustrations for the magazine Grundskoleläraren, one of Lärarförbundets magazines for teachers. The illustrations are for an article about the high cost of performance review talks.   
Philadelphia MagazineKarin SöderquistPhiladelphia MagazineEditorial illustration for Philadelphia Magazine, for an article about women visiting vaginal spas. Unpublished.
ArtStreetHbgKarin SöderquistArtStreetHbgI was invited to paint a mural as part of the ArtStreetHbg 2020 street art festival. It's located at Västra Bryggaregatan 34, Helsingborg.
Artemisia GentileschiKarin SöderquistArtemisia GentileschiIllustrated portrait of the baroque painter Artemisia_Gentileschi HERchive,  a visual archive celebrating women and non-binary artists throughout history. 
Tidningen GrundskolanKarin SöderquistTidningen GrundskolanEditorial illustrations for Tidningen Grundskolan and their theme issue about sex education.
COPD CampaignKarin SöderquistCOPD CampaignIllustrations for a campaign aimed at doctors treating patients suffering from COPD. The goal was for the doctors to encourage the patients to work out more. Art direction and design by the ad agency Narva.
LungsKarin SöderquistLungsMedical illustration showing the difference between healthy lungs and lungs suffering from COPD. Art direction and design by the ad agency Narva.
The Women Behind the DiscoveriesKarin SöderquistThe Women Behind the DiscoveriesIllustration for Kemisk Tidskrift for an article about the women who where part of developing the periodic system but then forgotten by history.
Internet treatmentKarin SöderquistInternet treatmentIllustration for the magazine Alkohol & Narkotika, for an article about internet treatment. 
Simone GiertzKarin SöderquistSimone GiertzPortraits of Simone Giertz, inventor and YouTube personality, for the book Svenska Hjältinnor, Max Stöm 2019.
Anna Maria LenngrenKarin SöderquistAnna Maria LenngrenPortrait of Anna Maria Lenngren, 18th century poet, for the book Svenska Hjältinnor, Max Stöm 2019.
Sally BauerKarin SöderquistSally BauerPortrait of Sally Bauer, the first Scandinavian to swim the English Channel, for the book Svenska Hjältinnor, Max Stöm 2019. 
Karin Söderquist
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Karin Söderquist

Karin Söderquist is an illustrator and designer based in Stockholm. Her work is a playful mix between handmade and digital illustration and she has a love for bright colours. Clients include Coop, Action!Aid, Vasakronan and LA Galaxy.