Karolina Westenhoff portfolio

Poster for designeventKarolina WestenhoffPoster for designeventPoster for designevent at Malmö Form design center.
Gif/animationKarolina WestenhoffGif/animationGif animation for the designactivistic organization Omforma.
LogotypeKarolina WestenhoffLogotypeLogotype designed for the designactivistic association – Omforma, where I'm also a project leader.
Book designKarolina WestenhoffBook designBokdesign, Power/Empowerment in the designbusiness. The wrap was printed on the paperwaste from printing the book. The book was nominated for the publishing prize 2019.
Exhibition designKarolina WestenhoffExhibition designGraphic design for the exhibition Power/Empowerment in the designbusiness. The exhibition has been showed at Malmö Form/Design Center, Institute for Contemporary Arts and Ideas and Gotlands Kulturrum.
Cover for DVDKarolina WestenhoffCover for DVDCover for the DVD Strängar av Ull, about wool-production. Digital made "wool-typograhy".
Visual identityKarolina WestenhoffVisual identityVisual identity for the art performance Long Time You'll See, by Katarina Henryson. Photo: Tina Axelsson.
LayoutKarolina WestenhoffLayoutGraphic design and layout for theatre anthology.
Letters for signs at art performanceKarolina WestenhoffLetters for signs at art performanceLettering art, as part of visual identity for an art performance, Long Time You'll See by Katarina Henryson. Photo by Tina Axelsson.
Programme leafletKarolina WestenhoffProgramme leafletProgramme leaflet for an art event at a weavery. The leaflet was printed in two colours with the environmental friendly technique Risography.
Exhibitiondesign Karolina WestenhoffExhibitiondesign Exhibitiondesign for the exhibition Power/Empowerment in the designbusiness. The exhibition was shown at Malmö Form/Design Center, the Institute for Contemporary Arts and Ideas. 
WebdesignKarolina WestenhoffWebdesignGraphic design for the webpage and design association Omforma – Nya Strukturer för designbranschen.
Poster for theatreplayKarolina WestenhoffPoster for theatreplayPoster and lettering art for theatreplay at Backa Teater.
Book CoverKarolina WestenhoffBook CoverBook cover and lettering art for poetry book, client Albert Bonniers förlag.
Visual identityKarolina WestenhoffVisual identityLogotype for HIV positive organization.
Graphic patternKarolina WestenhoffGraphic patternGraphic pattern as a part of the graphic concept for Positiva Gruppen Väst.
Lettering art and graphic patternKarolina WestenhoffLettering art and graphic patternLettering art and graphic pattern for the organization for HIV positives, Positiva Gruppen Väst.
Karolina Westenhoff
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Karolina Westenhoff

I am an independent graphic designer based in Gothenburg (educated at School of Design and Crafts). My clients have been Albert Bonniers Förlag, Backa Teater, Arena Förlag och Barnteaterakademin. I work with both analogue and digital techniques (visual identities, book covers, web-pages, digital animations). I have expertise in typography and lettering art. I am a guestlecturer at Beckmans College of Design, Univeristy of Gothenburg and Forsbergs School. In 2020 I am a meber of the highprofiled designcompetition Design S, in the graphic design category.