Katarina Vintrafors portfolio

A week upside downKatarina VintraforsA week upside downIllustration and layout for A week upside down. Ehrlin Publishing.
The lost microphoneKatarina VintraforsThe lost microphoneIllustration and design of The lost microphone.
The magic umbrellaKatarina VintraforsThe magic umbrellaIllustration
Lady BranchesKatarina VintraforsLady BranchesArt print
Speak upKatarina VintraforsSpeak upArt print
Lady LeafKatarina VintraforsLady LeafLady Leaf is an illustration made with charchoal, ink and water color.
Universe girlKatarina VintraforsUniverse girlHandmade illustration in water color.
Ravens girlKatarina VintraforsRavens girlIllustration in charcoal, ink and water color.
Text quoteKatarina VintraforsText quoteHandmade text.
Katarina Vintrafors
Lady PeacockKatarina VintraforsLady PeacockIllustration in watercolor and ink.
DragonflyKatarina VintraforsDragonflyIllustration in ink.
Katarina Vintrafors
Katarina Vintrafors

Katarina Vintrafors

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Katarina Dahlquist is my name and I am an illustrator, designer and artist. I work with childrens books, greeting cards, newspaper illustrations, booklets, CD-covers, games, gifts bags, posters and for the webb. Some of my earlier clients are IKEA, Volvo, Coca Cola, different Publishers in Sweden and the zoo Kolmarden. I do most of my work by hand in water color, inc, acrylic, oil and with other materials and methods, but I also work in the computer and I do digital images for my clients, so working from a distance is no problem for me.