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The dummy adventure, picturebook.Katarina StrömgårdThe dummy adventure, picturebook.Esters toy kangaroo comes to life. Picture book written by Ylva Karlsson, published by Rabén & Sjögren 2020
Maryam and Grannys language, bookcoverKatarina StrömgårdMaryam and Grannys language, bookcoverMaryam and Grannys language. Cover illustration for childrens book published by Bonnier Carlsen.
The best thing about Kerstin, illustrations for childrens book, 2018Katarina StrömgårdThe best thing about Kerstin, illustrations for childrens book, 2018Illustrations from "The best thing about Kerstin", a childrens book by author Helena Hedlund. Published by Natur & Kultur publishers 2018.
Arudhati RoyKatarina StrömgårdArudhati RoyLive drawing of authors Arundhati Roy, Tove Folkesson and Alex Alvina Chambers, in conversation at the Gothenburg bookfair in 2017. Client: Illustratorcentrum.
The island of a thousand stars. Book cover and illustrations.Katarina StrömgårdThe island of a thousand stars. Book cover and illustrations.The island of a thousand stars. Illustrations for the book by author Emma Karinsdotter. Client: Bonnier Carlsen publishers.
Tonje. Christmas calenderKatarina StrömgårdTonje. Christmas calender"Tonje in Glimmer Valley" is the 2018 christmas calender on swedish radio. Painted in photoshop.
A secret catKatarina StrömgårdA secret catPicture book art. Published by Hippo publishers spring 2017.
"The amazing pear tree", Katarina Strömgård"The amazing pear tree", Childrens book illustration 2017.
Police union. Portrait of Goran GreiderKatarina StrömgårdPolice union. Portrait of Goran GreiderPortrait of the author Göran Greider, drawn in ink. One of several portraits made for the anthology and the blog "The future police". Customer: Police Union.
"Michael´s marvelous journey"Katarina Strömgård"Michael´s marvelous journey"Meeting with Melisande the giant. Children´s book illustration from "Michael´s marvelous journey", written by author Ylva Karlsson.Ink and pen. Hippo publishers 2015.
Badgers.Katarina StrömgårdBadgers.Illustration from childrens fantasy book "Michael´s marvelous journey" by author Ylva Karlsson. Pen and Ink. Hippo publishers 2015
Golden stone, silver feather.Katarina StrömgårdGolden stone, silver feather.Illustration from swedish fairy tale anthology "Among gnomes and goblins". Coloured ink, brush & pen.
"Ossians extraordinary nanny". Bookcover.Katarina Strömgård"Ossians extraordinary nanny". Bookcover."Ossians extraordinary nanny".Back to front cover illustration for children´s book by author Ylva Karlsson. Hippo publishers 2012.
"The mittens- a christmas tale"Katarina Strömgård"The mittens- a christmas tale"Illustration from "The mittens", a picture book written by Ylva Karlsson and painted by Katarina Strömgård. Ink with pen and brush. Urax publishers 2015.
"Samuel´s strange calendar". Bookcover illustration.Katarina Strömgård"Samuel´s strange calendar". Bookcover illustration."Saumel´s strange calendar". Back to front bookcover illustration for childrens book by author Ylva Karlsson. Watercolour/gouache. Hippo publishers 2013
"A mousetale". Fairytale illustration.Katarina Strömgård"A mousetale". Fairytale illustration.A mousetale. Illustration from the Swedish fairytale collection "Among gnomes and goblins". Ink, pen and watercolour. Semic publishers 2013.
"A wind on the moon"Katarina Strömgård"A wind on the moon"Close up of cover illustration from the swedish edition of Eric Linklater´s "A wind on the moon". Watercolour. Rabén & Sjögren publishers.
The night starsKatarina StrömgårdThe night starsSpread from picturebook, published by Urax publishers 2017. Pen, brush, coloured ink.
Katarina Strömgård
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Katarina Strömgård

Illustrator and picture book writer. Illustrates own and other peoples children's books. Also does illustrations for magazines and websites. Working in ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylic paint, Photoshop and Indesign. Draws people and monsters. Customers / clients: Hippo publishers, Opal publishers, Raben & Sjogren, Bonnier Carlsen, Urax publishers, Semic, Sveriges Radio, Komunal (union), Police Union, etc.