Kati Mets portfolio

Collage illustration, Chef & Karriär, stress and new insightsKati MetsCollage illustration, Chef & Karriär, stress and new insightsCollage illustration, Chef & Karriär, stress and new  work insights.
Social sustaiability, magazine illustration, VasakronanKati MetsSocial sustaiability, magazine illustration, VasakronanSocial sustaiability in city planning. Collage. A city built for yong women is a good city for every one. Vasakronan magazine illustration.
No biljoner is self-made, Grus & GuldKati MetsNo biljoner is self-made, Grus & GuldIllustration, collage. No biljoner is self-made, Grus & Guld.
Vårdfokus, young people and online pornKati MetsVårdfokus, young people and online pornCollage illustration for Vårdfokus. Young people and online porn.
Kollega, a good start for your idea.Kati MetsKollega, a good start for your idea.Get some help for your new idea. Take contact with an incubator. Collage for Kollega.
Alkohol & narkotika, drug tests in schoolKati MetsAlkohol & narkotika, drug tests in schoolAlkohol & narkotika, drug tests in school. Problems with integrity?
The people friendly officeKati MetsThe people friendly officeCollage illustration for Kollega. The people friendly office. 
Alkohol & narkotika, about drug tests. CollageKati MetsAlkohol & narkotika, about drug tests. CollageIllustration about integrity.
Cover for Sveriges Geologiska UndersökningKati MetsCover for Sveriges Geologiska UndersökningCover for Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning.
The City in the Future, ArkitektenKati MetsThe City in the Future, ArkitektenThe sustainable city. 
Educational book illustration, advertisingKati MetsEducational book illustration, advertising.Psychology book, educational material. Chapter illustration about advertising.
Collage, sketch.Kati MetsCollage, sketch.Collage. A sketch. To peek at the future.       
Arkitekten, illustration, sustainabilityKati MetsArkitekten, illustration, sustainabilityMagazine illustration, environmental sustainability, Arkitekten. Collage.
The Ocean, a posterKati MetsThe Ocean, a posterThe Ocean is a poster for Hangme posters. Collage, photo and drawing. www.hangme.se
Collage, Book Cover. About Tolerance, an anthologyKati MetsCollage, Book Cover. About Tolerance, an anthologyA Book cover illustration, collage. Made for Forum för levande historia.
Book illustration, LiberKati MetsBook illustration, LiberPsychology book. Illustration to Heredity and enviroment.
cradel to cradelKati Metscradel to cradelMagazin Illustration, for Arkitekten. Enviromental planning.
Psychology bookKati MetsPsychology bookPsychology book, Liber. Book cover Illustration and illustration for the chapter about computer game players.
Kati Mets
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Kati Mets

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Kati Mets and I work with illustrations, cartoons and animated short film.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I very much like to dans Balboa and I think that dansing and drawing are related activities. It is all about rythem and cooperation. You have to listen to your parner and at the same time really believe in your own expression.

What are you working with right now?

Presently I work with a book in Psychology.