Kid Falk portfolio

Childrens book Stella en hundKid FalkChildrens book Stella en hundText and illustrations. Kid Falk Produktion
AffischKid FalkAffischAffisch for danceperfomance for children "KRÅKAN OCH DRAKEN", HDN Studio, 2019
Childrens booksKid FalkChildrens booksIllustrated own book for children 3-5 years, Kid Falk Produktion 
Musicvideo "I call you"Kid FalkMusicvideo "I call you"Illustrations for musician Ian Carr´s musikvideo "I call you", 2014. Idé together with Anna Nyberg who also was filming.
BookcoverKid FalkBookcoverPart of book cover to t "Att vilja göra rätt", 9 steg för ledare att stoppa korruption, Sanoma Utbildning, 2017
Sanoma UtbildningKid FalkSanoma Utbildning"Keep the bottle cooking" Illustration to the Book "Att vilja göra rätt", Sanoma Utbildning, 2017
BookillustrationKid FalkBookillustrationBookillustration for the book, "Att vilja göra rätt", Sanoma Utbildning 2017
ModeKid FalkModeFashion illustration "Laugh at it", to own exhibition, 2015
BookillustrationKid FalkBookillustrationIllustration "Stop" to the book  "Att vilja göra rätt", 9 steg för ledare att stoppa korruption, Sanoma Utbildning, 2017
Travel reportageKid FalkTravel reportageIllustration from Sardinia, hotell illustration, 2015.
InteriorKid FalkInteriorIllustration "bathroom" for the book "Förändra med inredningstips", Tivoli Förlag, Norstedts
BabyKid FalkBabyPrivate order.
PoliticsKid FalkPoliticsIllustration for newspaper, "TIdningen C" 2014, about succeded personal campaigns
TwitterKid FalkTwitterIllustration for newspaper "TIdningen C" in how to create succeded personal campaigns.
"Mingle"Kid Falk"Mingle"Illustration about leadership to the book "Framtoning" Informationsförlaget", 2012
Leaders roleKid FalkLeaders roleIllustration for the book "Framtoning" Informationsförlaget
IdentityKid FalkIdentityIllustration about leadership to the book "Framtoning" Informationsförlaget, 2012
Kid Falk

Kid Falk

Hi, my name is Kid Falk. I´m working as an illustrator for magazines, book companies, advertesing companies, textile companies, etc.

I like the first stadium of the workingprocess best, when you try all idées you have and the first spontanius sketches.

My dreamjob is to do illustrations for travel reportage, interior and landscapes. Also fashion drawings.